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Walkthrough Fallout 4

Walkthrough Fallout 4. The main missions


After an introductory video,if you want create your character. We look around the room and wait when you hear the doorbell. Talk with guests. Distribute skill points and confirm the choice. We go to the child.

Depending on the sex talk with your spouse. Soon you will hear a disturbing music. You ran out and move for her husband (or wife). Follow the officer at the center of the crowd and click on him. You will see the elevator that leads to the shelter. We move forward and up the stairs.

We get the suit shelters and move a doctor "Walt Teck", which is marked by a green marker. Very soon you will see the capsule decontamination. We climb into one of these capsules and wait for awakening.

Out of Time

This is the first mission of the storyline. You will have to leave the Shelter 111. Use the control panel near the capsule to open the capsule with a husband or wife. Take the wedding ring on the finger of your spouse. Leave the room, where is the capsule and move to the end of the corridor. You have to get special access to open the door. Search the shelter. Kill the radioactive cockroaches. You can read the information on computers and other media, but this is optional.


Use the mini-radar, follow to the specified point. It will be a transformer room. To move between the huge boxes of energy is not necessary if you do not want to be killed. We move along the wall to avoid death. So we find ourselves at the door on the other side. Next to the door is dead. Open the door and move on, kill cockroaches. Open the second door and get into the hall.


Tip! We go the table in the room and take simulators. These simulator can to recover 30% of your maximum health. They heal various injuries of the extremities. Simulators you use often. From the table we take away gun and sunglasses. There are ammunition in the drawers and cupboards .

Come to the "terminal Ranger" and press the indicated key to look at a computer. We are looking for a team, if you activate it, then can open evacuation tunnel.

Tip! Note the small room to the right of the terminal. Inside is a box Kriolyator. We remember where it is, because you need to come back later. Inside the box you will find a good weapon.

As soon as the evacuation tunnel opens and you go into the corridor . Kill the cockroaches. Use a gun and VATS. Move to the checkpoint and find yourself in a room with two skeletons and cockroaches. You search the skeletons and one of them you find the "Pip Boy". Click on the button to secure the "Pip Boy" to your hand. Now you have access to your inventory.

Follow to the panel and activate it to leave the shelter. You go forward and use the elevator to go upstairs. On the surface, you will find a new target.

The goal: to return home.

You see the desired mark on the mini-radar. Follow to the same place. Around the house you will see the "Found Senkchuari." You move to the house, where begins the game. Next you need to communicate with Kodsvort. He survives. Talk with a robot.

Tip! In the dialogues you will often see the response options of yellow and red. Choose such phrases, you force the interlocutor to tell any secrets and you get experience.

Task: search the area with Kodsvort.

Go into the house and kill the flying cockroaches. Move to another building, which is indicated Kodsvort, and again kill opponents.

Tip! Use antiradin or go to the doctor to get rid of the negative effects of radiation.

As you kill the monsters in the second house, you will need to explore Concord. Go in the direction of the marker on the map or a mini-radar.

Tip! Restoring health can be water. But we must remember that the raw water to drink is not desirable.

Follow the east. Move through the water on a bridge near (radiation!). Next, you will see the dog. Found a new location - a truck stop "Red Rocket". The dog will be your second partner. Very soon you will see mole-rat. Go from the petrol to the Concorde. Look the city. Fight with the raiders.

Tip! Damage in the game can be of several types. You get different injuries from shots from firearms, energy weapons, radiation or poison. Against certain enemies more effective one or another type of damage.

Kill all Raiders, search their bodies. At the same time begins a new story missions Fallout 4, entitled ...

When Freedom Calls

Outside, take a laser gun and go inside the museum. Take one musketthe right near the body of the raider. Raiders easily die of headshots from a pistol. Go to the closed gate and take a capsule with a dispenser on the left.

Turn right and go through the room with the red dummies. On the other side you will find the ruined staircase. Below tere are the locked box and the terminal. You can open the terminal box if you use a simple break-in, and take one nucleus.

Raiders will attack you. Go up the stairs, go the left around, enter the room with a huge mural wartime. There are a lot of bags and ammunition on the floor - take all. Exit through the first entrance to the hall and up the stairs to the floor above. There will be a few Raiders - kill them. Do not shoot a small group of people. They - potential allies.


When you kill the Raiders, go and talk with Preston. He will offer a job - take it. So you get the power armor. You already have the nuclear, so it can go through the closed door at the far end of the room, but take from the table Pups perception.

When you get through the door, go to the output of the compass. Search the table and take the cover and skin then climb into the armor. Take a minigun and get out on the roof. There are raiders on the roof, and the street. You can use pistol or musket. The armor you will not receive damage from falling, so that you can safely jump down on the enemy.

During the battle will Claw of death - the time to use the minigun. Shoot from afar - for example, from the balcony of a blue building in the end of the street. Shoot on the head and stomach. Kill monsters, take its meat, search all Raiders and find quest key. Go back to the museum and meet with Harvey at the entrance. Go with himto the Sanctuary.

The First Step

In Sanctuary talk to Preston about the people's militia. He will send you to the east, to the Tenpines Bluff. Go on the bridge and go east. On the way you will encounter Raiders and dogs. Use your gun against them. Kill dogs by headshots through VATS, when they jump on you. You can find a satellite station Olivia and plant disposal of robots. You can explore and find useful things.

When you go the target, talk with farmers. If you agree to help them, they will send you to the assembly plant Korvega - if you have not mop up this location. Korvega in the south of Lexington. In the basement of the Mystic Pines you can take the nuclear and the book Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor.

There are raiders and ghouls in Lexington. Go through the main entrance. On top of it is snipers. There are few Raiders near the door and an automatic turret. First destroy the turret of the energy weapon, then kill the enemies. There is the trap inside on the first table. There is raider in the bathroom right. Go through the main entrance - on the left in the room, too, is the raider. Then go through the office to the right. In the lobby are few Raiders. Go down the stairs to the left and you need kill two more enemies. There are three ways out of this room.


A double door leads into a large room (inside there are Raiders). There are the terminal of protection and a box of ammunition on the left inside. You can open it with a key Korvegi.

Stairs lead down to the basement. There you will find a tunnel with a turret and a colony of ghouls.

The upper staircase leads to the first goal - Jared. You can use the elevator or a long staircase from the first floor. He stands on a raised platform at the far corner of the room.

There are two turrets and terminal of protectron in the room of Jared. Protectron activate quite risky. It is often perceived player as an enemy. At the top you will find the factory Pups repair. You need to climb on several parapets, eventually you will find yourself in an area with raiders. Use gun or sneak ahead. You need to get to the big blue sphere. Pups will be one of the parapets.

Vault 81

It's a short mission that will give you access to new weapons and companion. All this you can get at the beginning of the game, if you have a high rate of charisma.

At the entrance, use the Pip-Boy and talk to the caretaker McNamara. If you say that you lived in a shelter and it will take tests on charisma, that you would be allowed inside. Inside again speak to the caretaker. You now have access to jobs and Here Kitty Kitty Hold in the Wall.

Jewel of the Commonwealth

If you go to Diamond City of Sanctuary, that your way may be difficult. If you not upgrade, then beware of anything more raiders and ghouls. When you go the outskirts of the city, you meet Piper near the gate . She - an ambitious young reporter who could not get into the city. Help her and enter into the city.

Whenyou meet with the mayor, go check on charisma. Now go around the city, until you not meet Valentine. Also, you can find information about him from some NPC.

Go to the stadium. Valentine will be straight ahead, then turn left and go around to get to a parallel street. You'll find him on the red mark Valentine Detective Agency. Inside, talk to the Secretary. You have the new quest. In this quest often have to fight, so upgrade.

Unlikely Valentine

Go at the sign and come to the entrance to the metro station. Be ready for a fight - will be a lot of enemies who go to SMG and bats. They are especially dangerous at close and medium distances.

Follow the path to the left. You can search the room near the terminal, if you have a master key. Move on through the path. When you mop up room, you can go back into the tunnel on the left on the far side of ways where you came from. This door leads to the passage and safe.

Go down the stairs, you will find the entrance to the Vault 114 in the corner of the platform. Open the door by using the pip-boy. There go left and down constantly. It is full of useful items that can be collected.

You will find yourself in a spacious room in which there will be many platforms. Go down, then left. There is a hole in the floor at the end of the room. Jump into it. Walk on the marker until you find yourself in a spacious room. Kill an enemy, use the terminal next to the door to open it and found Valentine.

Take away pups from the table. Now go back to Valentine through the shelter. As a result, you will fight with enemies. Kill them all and continue go after Nick. It is better to save often. Along the way, pick up a book.

When will be the exit, you will meet a team of Skinni. Use charisma, you can easily resolve the situation. If you leave before the gangster counted to ten, then everything will be fine. Of course, you can also just kill them all. Run the platform, wait for Valentine, go with him to the surface and back to his office in Diamond City.

Getting a Clue

Quest begins in the office of Nick. Now you will need to look for clues about the whereabouts of Kellogg. Follow for Valentine to the house, he will try to pick the lock. He can not, so that he will offer you to try. If not, then Nick offer to go to the mayor. Go to the elevator, go up to him in the mayor's office and talk to him. If you have a high rate of charisma, you can convince him to give you the key. If not, you'll have to talk with the secretary. However, you can steal the key from the safe. Hide behind the TV near the safe and interact with a safe.

After you have the key, go back to Nick and open the door. Look under the table on the ground floor to find the switch that opens a secret room. Take the cigar on the table. Dogt can to track the target. Go for the dog of the city.


Dog will take you out of town. When it stops, look down to find an ashtray with a rare cigar. Interact with it to continue the search. As a result, you get to the entrance - the right of it will be red cloth with which to interact. Move on.

You will find yourself at the building. Go down the stairs - in the end you will find a trap (mine). So better get out through the door on the right. When you come out of the tunnel, on the left you will see a blue chair and a bottle of beer nearby. Explore it to continue to search.

As a result, you will see the destroyed robot. Talk to him - he will say that Kellogg destroyed him. Follow dog - it will take you past the two people. You can help them. Eventually the dog will take you to Fort Hagen. Go behind the fort to find the way to the roof.

You'll see the turret. Destroy them and collect the parts of them. Locate the large black door in the roof to get to the fort. It is full of robots with energy weapons. Robots are strong, so be careful and save often.

Also, there are many pitfalls. If you see a box or door, be sure to check for the presence of traps. As a result, you find yourself in a command room with an elevator at the end. You can also try to interact with the computer. When you're ready, you go down the elevator down.

The road more direct, so just go through the room. You will find yourself in the kitchen. Look, get Pups on a table between two refrigerators.

Not far from PUPS there is area. You must go there. When you walk out of the kitchen, you will see the door leading into the hall with red light. You can find the skeleton and nuclear quantum-Cola. There is a key in the drawer to the room with the armor.

Move on. You get to the door, next to which is a terminal. With the key, you can open the door terminal. Enter the room, break the gate - you have found a new weapon!

Save - It is a big battle. Exit the room and after a minute you get into the room, which is Kellogg. Talk to him to get some information about your son. As a result, you'll have to fight him.

It is a difficult enemy, he throw grenades and has a lot of health. Also, robots help him. Run out of the room before they start firing. From the passage kill robots. When Dog stun the enemy, hit him. If you do not get, use your new gun or come back later.

When you kill it, search the body, collect armor and with a key. Also search the whole area around - you will find many useful things, including a book. When you are ready, you interact with his computer and open the door. Read information about your son. Run to the elevator and leave the fort. Return to the Diamond City in Nick to finish the job.

Dangerous Minds

You need to find the Doctor Amari. When will be the target, you will see that no entry. Go through the streets, until you see the neon signs - they indicate where to go. You will find yourself in a small town. Kill the man at the entrance. Walk through the alleys until you find yourself at the Den of Memory.

Once inside, go down and look for a doctor. Talk to her about restoring memory. Valentine propose his candidacy as the object of the test, but nothing happens.

You wake up in a new area. Follow the path to the first witness, to learn about his childhood Kellogg. You will move from memory to the memory until you find yourself where your son was taken away. In the end, you know, what is happened to your son. The room doctor also can find the book on the table. Talk to the doctor - the quest is over.


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