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Walkthrough Far Cry 5 – Prologue


After the introductory cut scene, you follow your friends to the front door to the church. See another video, at the end of which click on Enter to arrest the Father. Get him out of the church and go in the opposite direction.

No exit

After a long video, select from the cockpit of the helicopter and run away, holding the left Shift. Soon you will reach the hut. Dodge, sneak up to the enemy and secretly kill him by pressing the F key.

A glimmer of hope

Put on clothes, interact with the wardrobe. Choose the option you want, talk to Dutch and get the weapon and map out of the safe. On the side board you can study the characteristics of each of the four members of the Sid family.

Level of resistance

In this section, I briefly describe what you have to do in the next few hours. So, the last screenshot was added for a reason. Perform story assignments, side quests, destroy altars, save captives. In general, you need to harm the Sid family, which will gradually fill the resistance scale. Fully completed scale is activated the story quest with the appearance of a family member and the possibility of its destruction.

In addition, you can see a few points on the scale. Once these points are reached, the number of opponents in the region will increase. There will be armored soldiers, another time - planes and helicopters, etc.


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