Walkthrough Far Cry New Dawn
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Far Cry New Dawn Full Walkthrough and Guides

Read full walkthrough Far Cry New Dawn below: all Main Quests and solution puzzles.

Walkthrough Far Cry New Dawn

Crawling from the Wreckage

Go the only route, take your weapon and kill enemies secretly. There's no rocket science in this task. When you deal with all, and then run away on the marker to the riverbank. The task will be completed.

Find Hope

Follow Carmina to the building. Collect everything that you see: it will help in crafting weapons and supplies. Collect parts in the building, go up to the second floor and create a Sae Launcher. Go to the opponents and kill them all. Kill the enemies near the railway tunnel, and then go through the door.

Other materials on the game Far Cry New Dawn


At the base, chat with Kim Rye and take the clothes from the bag.


Talk to everyone, and then go to the coal mine. Kill all enemies and find the key on the table near the building. Use it to open the door nearby, go down and make your way to the garage, where they keep Rush. With him, go away from the raiders. Shoot back and then drive the bike yourself.

Walkthrough Far Cry New Dawn
Walkthrough Far Cry New Dawn

Gear up

Talk to Rush at the base. Use ethanol to pump him to the second level. Grab several outposts and hand them over to raiders (loot). In addition, you need two specialists for the upgrade - there are five markers on the map. It is best to save the nearest ones, because their quests are easier.

Go to the scout, talk to him, and then run back to the base. Kill the enemies and go inside. Shoot back until the raiders climb through the walls. Kill them; you not get close to the house until the quest is completed.

Losing Streak

Follow the marker of Specialist Bean. Talk on all topics, move on and find the raiders. Kill everyone, shoot Richard and help him to his feet. He will tell you where the documents are. Follow the marker, kill the raiders and go down to the bunker. Take documents.

Buzz Kill

Chat with Grace marked on the map. Kill the opponents in the depot, look in the car and take the second rank Sae Launcher. Now you need to find three caches. Pass into the street and open the carriage with the lever. Inside were skunks. There is also a safe with titanium. The second and third safes are located in hanging cars. Jump on one of the cars from the building, and on the other - slide down the rope stretched on the water tower on the side. When you are in the car, climb on the roof and jump through the hole in the room with the safe. You report Grace upon completion of the mission.

The Great Escape

Follow the marker and help Nick Rye - kill his enemies. Follow to the warehouse, get on the plane and navigate the markers. In the end, you go to another warehouse, and the task is completed. Try to destroy opponents while they are visible ahead. You cannot deploy guns here.

Walkthrough Far Cry New Dawn
Walkthrough Far Cry New Dawn

The Adventure in Babysitting

Go to Sharky Boshaw, talk to him and place five traps on the markers. Drink a glass of ethanol, and then begin to fend off the raiders. Use the machine guns from the east side first and then - from the west. At the end, the raiders will go on both sides. Do not let them destroy the pipes.

Now That’s Entertainment

Sooner or later, you will meet a character who tells about Irwin Smalls. Go to the Broken Tears and talk to him. Pass the equipment in the bag, follow Irwin and find yourself in the arena. Defeat all opponents using only melee weapons. Pick up first aid kits. The enemy with a shield is not easy to kill, but possible. Just strike a few blows on the shield to break it, and then aim at the head. Swing your bat or pipe (holding LMB) to strike hard. It is advisable to pump skill that increases damage in melee.

Walkthrough Far Cry New Dawn
Walkthrough Far Cry New Dawn

New Eden’s Secret

Go through the marker and knock on the gate. The judge will look out, but he will refuse to let in.

The Prophecy

Follow the boat pointed by Joseph Seed, sit down and swim to the right place. In the end, you will find yourself on the island, where you need to explore the three pillars of light. Each of them will stand Joseph with a staff. Interact with the staff to get the pieces of the amulet. Each part must be combined with luminous fragments. In each place there is a pink lantern. Stand next to it, press Z and combine part of the amulet with the fragments.

Walkthrough Far Cry New Dawn
Walkthrough Far Cry New Dawn

But this is not enough. On the hill, you need to shoot the boards on shrapnel, at the pier - to burn the grass on the splinters and near the house - pull four times by the metal part to turn the weather vane. Enter the house where the lantern is located and take out a part of the amulet. Combine with fragments on the ceiling and on the weather vane.

Follow the bunker, get to the very end and pick up a book with the teachings of Joseph. On the way back, read the various notes to learn about the fate of the protagonist of Far Cry 5.

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