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Walkthrough Far Cry Primal

Once the game starts, see the cut-scene.

Follow Dulce

When the cut-scene is over, you can control the main character of the game. You are on the hunt. It is necessary to follow a friend. Enjoy excellent graphics and the environment of the Stone Age. The game introduces you to the controls. Learn the game mechanics.

Chase victim

You will hunt the small mammoths with Dulce. It is your food. Go forward for Dulce. Once your tribesmen divert large mammoth, you will have two spears to throw in the mammoth. Pursue it. Look for other spears if you miss. Throw spears at mammoth until it falls.

Tiger attacks you after the hunt to mammoth. All will be killed, saved only two - the main character and his brother, who jump off a cliff. Your hero will be seriously injured. You will walk in the woods. After the cut-scene brother of the protagonist dies. He want that you and your brothers of the tribe found the land Urus.

The road to Urus

Tiger will pursue you, so you need to make a weapon - a bow and arrows. You need to collect some resources for creating a bow: 5 pieces of alder, 2 reeds and 2 pieces of the slate. then make the bow. Now you are ready to hunt for a tiger.

Eat before hunting

Once you are armed, you will need to eat something to restore your energy. Do you remember, that fell from a high cliff? We need to hunt small wildfowl that can eat. There is its own strategy for hunting. We must first find the victim with the help of "Visions of the hunter," and then sneak up to it very slowly. Close to approach it is impossible!!! Next you need archery. To perform the job and training, you need to hunt for the three animals.

Tip: When you use the "Visions of the hunter" you will see on the screen yellow wood and stones. Collect them as they will be useful for the production of other items.

Find shelter and kindle fire

Once in your hands will be food, you need to find shelter. Move forward to the marked location, where it will shelter for the night. Light the fire here. After the fire, create a bludgeon. It will be a torch.

Follow the trail Vinge

Now you have to go back to your tribe. Use hunter vision to find traces of Vinge. Keep these tracks. Go through the cave, go to the lake, swim forward and dive into the water, use the vision of the hunter. Climb up on the other side of the cave. After the cut-scene rescue Siloam, she will move to the other side. Here you can reach the famous Urus.

Find green leaves for Siloam

You need to find four pieces of green leaves to Siloam, which wants to heal the wound from the tiger. Move to the specified location and use the hunter's vision to explore the forest and find a green leaves. You first met Udam. Kill him. Look green leaves. Besides these, you can find other interesting subjects for further crafting. Be sure to collect them all.

Tip: Use the vision of the hunter to quickly find enemies.

Once you collect all four servings of green leaves, bring them back to Siloam and help her to heal the wounds. Return to Siloam, you will be attacked by three Udam. Two of them will be with batons, and one - with a bow. Kill them. Go straight to the shelter Siloam to give her grass.

Get together Vinge people

Now is the time to get together a tribe of Vinge and say them that you have found a safe place - a shelter where the Siloam. Think the name of the settlement. Open the card and look for icons fire red and yellow skull. Mark them on the map and then move in both places to gather brothers and sisters of Vinge.

When you get to the place indicated on the map ("red fire"), you can clean up the location and collect more people to the tribe. After the move to the shaman, he is located inside a cave. See the cut-scene. This is the first quest with visions.

Vision animals

You move through the forest, the animals will not harm. Go to the owl and receive power. You will start to fly. Follow the instructions. When get out from the lake, continue to perform the task. Just Fly and enjoy the scenery. Finally, you will get control of the owl. Now it will be your eyes in the sky!

Command animals

When you connect a control, it will help you in many episodes. With its help you make enemies far more vulnerable targets. After the vision - Shaman will tell you that the owl takes you as the host. It's time to get control of the wolf.

Move to the marked location and start the hunt for the wolf. You can call the owl to help: find the hunters of wolves from the tribe Udam and kill everyone. Follow the blood trail to the Wolf's Lair; use the vision of the hunter. Here you will learn how to tame any beast.

When you control the wolf, you can use it to attack any purpose. You can treat it or even revive after death. Shaman will be your village. Mission is completed!

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