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Walkthrough FAR: Lone Sails

Full walkthrough FAR: Lone Sails

In this article, you will learn how to go through the entire game FAR: Lone Sails from the beginning to the very end.

Start the game, follow the right side. Use any of the following keys: E, V, Enter to interact with objects. Walk through the house, move in the attic, go down and go outside. Soon you will find your ship on wheels, on which you will move throughout the game.

The first obstacle will appear very soon, but it allows you to modify the ship. Use the elevator to go up, enter the building and press the button. So you set the sails on the ship. There is a red flag to the right of the sails. Look at it and you can easily understand in which direction the wind is blowing. Open sails only if the flag is pulled to the right side.

Remove the ship from the brake and follow further; this time you use sails to move. There will be following obstacle. Leave the ship and go below the ground. Go to the right and click on another button to remove a large blade of the ship from the road.

There is a blocked bridge ahead of you. Exit the ship and go down to go over the bridge to the other side. Set the drum on the cover and press the button to start it. Climb up and go back to the left to find a new button and open the passage further. Start the engine and move forward. You can’t use sails.

When there is hail, you may have to put out sails. The fire extinguisher is in the upper left corner of the ship. Interact with it and direct the flow of water to the fire.

Also, various mechanisms will be damaged - sparks will appear. This means that you need a welding machine, which you will install a little later.

Soon you will find yourself near a huge building. Select on the roof and on the folded sails jump up to the ladder to go inside.

Slip the barrel into the device that you saw before, press the button and you can lower the welding machine down. Interact with it and repair the sparking button on the right. Click on it and you can install the device on the ship. Repair any broken nodes. If the fire extinguisher or welding machine is blinked, then you need something extinguish or repair.

Прохождение FAR: Lone Sails Next you will see a radio tower. Climb up and take the elevator higher. Here, use the buttons to adjust the receiver so that the arrow coincides with the red line. Go down and continue moving.

Прохождение FAR: Lone Sails

Stop in front of a new obstacle, go inside the building and press the red button to lift your ship up on the lift. Take the winch on the left side of the ship and attach it to the platform on the wheels on the left. Go on the ship forward to move the new module, and then lower it by pressing the button on the platform. This will allow you to attach a vacuum cleaner to the ship. You can to suck the objects lying around.

Прохождение FAR: Lone Sails The next stop will be a mill. Go up to the roof, jump on the sail and climb higher. Follow the top of the mill, click on the button on the right and go inside the wheel on the left. Click on the button inside the wheel, which opens the way for the ship. Rotate the wheel until you turn a huge gear on the floor of the upper tier so that you can go down through the hole in it, back to the ship. The same red button you can open the wheel itself.

Прохождение FAR: Lone Sails

Get to the transport, follow on and find yourself in a submarine. Climb up through the sail and follow through the boat until you find the red button. Drag the box with a cross on the side to the right to break it.

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