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Walkthrough Fire


The game save only levels. There are three cells for storage.

The cursor goes yellow on the active points on the screen. Hot Spots light up if you press "Space."

At each level you can earn three coins.

You will play for the red-haired Neanderthal named Ungh. In the prologue, the shaman leaves him to keep the fire, but Ungh falls asleep, and the fire is extinguished. For oversight will have to pay - your character go away from the village.

1. Ungh and magic tree

Coin 1: click on the fence on the left of the screen. From there, take off the bone. Throw the bone back to the village.

Once again, click on the fence and take the bone. Go right and throw a bone in the apple. The fruit protects by the snake, which will not give apple. Go right and pick up the trident. Pinch the tail of the snake trident, pick up a bone and throw in an apple.

Apple would be a strange taste - your hero to see hallucinations. Wood come to life and explain that aback their moths (all ten of them). The task of the game - to find all the moths.

Coin 2: After the movie, you will automatically receive a coin.

Go to the right. Moth hangs on the right. You need to climb the three bones, pull the lever. Ungh can not climb, so you need to adjust the bone of height so that he can go from one to another.

Coin 3: Pull the lever and take the coin.

Stand on the left bone. Twice pull the lever and go to the middle bone. Twice Pull the lever and go to the right bone. Take a moth.

2. Dinosaur on a rope

The second moth rolled into the nostril of a huge dinosaur. Go left and click on the tail of the monster - Ungh climb on the dinosaur and go to the right. Pull a rope and open the curtain, behind which you will see the intestines. It can rotate in three directions: left, right and down. Turn the intestines right - open the jaws of a dinosaur. Go down and go into the mouth. You will discover a moth that is stuck in a loop of the intestine.

Coin 1: There is in the upper left corner of the screen.

Coin 2: Press the red line on the suction cup at the top of the screen. You will raise the claws of a dinosaur, under which the rope is stretched. Under the seventh claw is coin.

Raise the leftmost sucker. Pick green toothy ball and get out of the jaws. You will see that dinosaur raised left claw. Pull the rope - you can now control the bowel twists, without get on the back of the monster.

Turn down the intestines - closes the jaws of a dinosaur.

Coin 3: go left. Dinosaur lift tail, under which is the coin.

Go back to the dinosaur's face and turn left the intestines - a dinosaur will open nostrils. Stick the green ball in the right nostril. Turn down the intestine and go left. Pick a second green ball to the left of the tail. Turn left intestines and stick the ball in the second nostril. Turn right and go to the intestine into the mouth. Balls pull moth across on the intestines.

Get out of the mouth and note the gray growths on the skin of the beast - they began to tremble. Click on it, thereby push the moth to the tail. Turn down the intestine and go left. Pick a moth that roll out of the tail.

3. Quick Guide "How to become a shaman"

Coin 1: hidden behind the leaves to the left of the screen.

Meet with the shaman, who wants to make it rain. Go to the right and tap on crimson stump, which will go on the track, but run into rock and return to its original place. Nearby is a tent. Rub mouse the pole of tents and clean the plate with five holes. Go to the right. You will see a moth that got stuck under the bat. You see a sleeping elephant and cave in which is club to the right .

Coin 2: Go to the cave. In the floor there are two holes, which cover an unknown animal. Drop into the left hole. Then you need to move the mouse to the right animal - the animal left to close the hole. Click on the right hole is not necessary, you simply move the mouse. Drop into the right hole - it will appear on a coin.

Get to the clubs, move the mouse, but not click on it. Exit the cave - now you can go safely pass over the holes. Go to the location with the stump and a tent. Click on the sun and make the "night". Go left to the shaman and tap into the club board, wake shaman.

More time to talk with him. Shaman will make rain, but the lightning from the clouds kill him. Pick up the wand and go right.

On the palate, you will see the stars. Click on the three stars to illuminate the three holes on the pole tent (if you click on the right stars, holes are covered in yellow if wrong - red).

Then touch the wand to the stone on which is drawn a drop of water. Ungh perform a ritual dance. The rain come down, a cloud will move. Click on the two stars to light up the remaining holes in the tent pole. The tent is open.

Coin 3: Click on all the other stars in the sky. The plate with the holes will be the third coin.

Take away plant from the stump in a tent and insert it into the left stump. Click on the crescent and make a "day." Pull the sleeping elephant for the tail. Go to the left - you have activated the stones on the track. Wait, when both the stone to jump off the track, and quickly make the "night".

Now we need more time to hit the stump with seedling - it is free to pass on the track.

Go to the left, click on the stone with a drop of water near the ashes of the shaman. Rain come down from plant to grow a huge tree. Shake it to shake off the drive.

Go right, pick up the disc and insert it into the elephant's trunk. Pull the elephant for tail - disc cut the skin of the bat, under which a moth stuck. Again Pull the elephant for tail - he will move the cloud to the right by voice. The third time, call the rain, perform a ritual dance on the stone next to the elephant. The rain come down, which will release a moth.

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