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In the prologue you will learn the story of the main character by the name of Henry. While you can choose any options history. As for other activities, read the description below.

Pick up the backpack from the floor of the elevator by clicking the left mouse button. Come out of the elevator, go up to the truck and sit in it. For all the action, use the left mouse button. When you will need to go through the forest. In order to overcome the log, go to it and press the SPACE key. Climb the tower "Two Paths", open the door and turn on the light by pressing the switch on the right side. Answer by Delilah radio. To answer it, hold down the left SHIFT, scroll wheel mouse on the answer that you want, then release the left SHIFT. During the game you can chat as you want.

Walkthrough  Firewatch ShowGamer.com to start from day one.

Day 1

After the start the first time, talk to Delilah. Go to the map in the center of the room and tell that you see it. Delilah tell you that this is renderer fire.

Then she noticed something. Take the compass by pressing the key N. Turn the compass so as to look towards the letter W - west. You should see smoke and fireworks. Tell Delilah, that you see it. Finish the conversation. Delilah will ask to deal with violators. But first you need to find a rope in the box DL 306.

Exit through the door and climb down the stairs. Remove the card by pressing M. Automatically with a map will appear compass . Zoom in by holding down the right mouse button. Do you see the inscription on the map 306 CACHE? You need to go there.


Periodically glance at the map, follow this place. A red icon on the map - it's Henry. The icon has an arrow indicating which way you look now. Navigate to be easy!

Now move to the northwest, along the path. When you find a box DL 306, enter the code 1234 to open it. To do this, change the digits by turning the mouse wheel. When select the correct number, then press the key D to move to the selection of the next digit. At the end you need to be pressed again to D. Take the rope and copy the information from the card, on the lid of the chest. There will be a note - you can just read it, and you can take home with them, holding the key E.

When you get to the slope (clay landslide), which you can not go down, attach a rope to the hook and start toe. This place will be called "clay landslide." Continue to follow the path until you get to a fire camp.


Take away all the discarded cans of beer, a bottle of whiskey and fireworks. Extinguish the fire, and then continue to move forward. Go on things.

After meeting with the girls on the lake, and communicating with them (communication by the radio, select the phrase in its sole discretion), return to the location Two Forks Lookout (tower "Two Paths"). You have several routes through which you can go. But you can not follow the same road as the rope, if you remember, was cut short. Therefore, go east to Thunder Gulch (Thunder Canyon, you can see signpost near the lake), take of the box 303 flashlight (you can activate it on the F key), and after you walk through the cave 452. From here you can follow the trail to the south. The road leads to the tower itself, "Two Paths".

Day 2

Your first goal of the second day - move to bring down the telephone lines to the north of Thunder Gulch. You will return back to the canyon on the same path, which you get home at the end of the first day (see above - through the cave 452). Use a compass and a map, make sure that you need to move to the north. Then go down the path until you walk through the cave 452. Continue north only along the path until you notice a pole with wires. Follow the wires and poles, while on the sides are not able to see the scattered cans of beer. This trail will lead you to the next goal - a post with the cut cable.

After talking with Delilah you need to find teenagers. From here go down the other path, leaving the north and west. On the path should be scattered cans of beer. Do not forget to collect them. Along the way you have to find a backpack on the tree.


Inside there are ropes and other necessary gear, which you will enjoy the end of summer. By the way, there is also a camera. To use it, click on the button C. Grab a backpack, and then continue to go to the cash-box 241, to which you want to go down the slopes of the two, use a rope. Do not forget to copy your card the received information. Take and note.

Now look around. You should see the smoke in the sky above the mountain. Describe smoke Delilah. She will say that you should check and find the source.

Go straight to the south until you reach Thunder Gulch. You can jump over a ravine to get across the gorge, and then go to the west, where it will be described at the beginning of the first day of Landslide (well, the place where you first went down the rope). Attach the hook with a rope to a beam that now you can go through this area in any direction. In principle, so you can easily get to the tower "Two Paths" shorter route.

After walk through this place, use a rope with a hook to go down the hill. Follow the path that goes south and leads to cache Boxing 309 (search it and copy the information on the card). It just move along the path that leads straight to the source of the smoke - to the creek Five Mile. Follow the creek. Right and left are cans of beer. You can see a piece of cloth on the tree.

From the waterfall move to the right, between two high cliffs. There will be a camp.


Once you find the source, then inspect all and talk with Delilah. The most important thing - to examine the torn tent, you will find a note on a frame. Read the note. You know what happened here.

Day 3

To find boards that are needed to repair the window, climb down and look at the base. Walk on the location. You look for more and more boards than you need. Take what you can, and then go up and stab the broken window. Finish the conversation with Delilah.

Day 9

The ninth day is not such a difficult, therefore our help you do not need. Enjoy socializing with Delilah, answer questions as you want.

Day 15

Just like the previous day, the help is not required. You do not need help.

Day 33

At the 33 day you need to perform a few hikes. Go north to get supplies to the location called "Supply region of Thorofare." Take the map to find your exact location, and then go along the path to the north until you find the cash box 241. Take extraction and copy the card information (if you have not done it before). Continue to move on until you find the delivery. You can take whatever you want. But still you is only the average posting. The password for the mailbox - 1234 Report everything Delilah. The day will be completed.

Day 64

Again, this is a day of talks with Delilah, you can say what you want to do. Call the fire the way you want.

Day 76

Move from the beam, which is tied to a rope with a hook to get to the lake Jonesy. There is tablet with records on the stone. Look at him, hold the right mouse button. You will automatically talk to Delilah. You will hear strange noises. Go to the side of Thunder Gulch. After you go on a log, look at his feet and pick up the walkie-talkie. Suddenly something happens ...

When you're done, then go along the lake, as if skirting it counterclockwise. You have to find the cache box 305. Copy the map and read the note to Ron and Dave. Password is the same - 1234. Follow the path from the lake up to the location "Elk Meadow." When you reach a fence with a locked gate, try to open them a few times.

Your card will be updated and will be a new location: Camp fire south of Ruby River. You should see the fire in the side. Use the map to plan your route. You can go to the south, as we do, until you are at Thunder Gulch and then go east to go through the cave and 452 back to the main location, the tower "Two Paths".

Look south and you will see huge clouds of smoke. This great fire that you can see during a night of conversation with Delilah previous day (on the walkthrough).

From here, go south to cross the river Ruby on stones in the water and find the cache box 307. Here, refresh the map and read the next note to Dave. You can even go around and check the cache-box 308, although at the moment it can not be opened. Be sure to copy the information to the map of the two boxes, and then go in the direction of the old Scout camp in the lower right corner of the map.


The bridge leading to the camp is broken. Stand with your back to it, go to the right along the cliff. Somewhere nearby is open, from which you can jump. Will be displayed the command.

Jump down and go to the camp. There are some old shelters. In one of the shelters on the wall hangs a leaflet about a missing person. If you walk between the middle and the left cover, you will see a tree. There is the axin the tree.


Next to the tree, which was an ax, there are fields with logs. Walk through the meadow to the left. There are thickets, through which you can make his way, use ax found.

Use the map to find very thin ravine that goes to the north-east. Follow there, to the north-east until you see the damaged wood. Cut it down to something fell down, and then back to the other side of the narrow gorge. You must return to the Elk Meadows. But to finish the day, you just have to finish the conversation with Delilah, which will last a few minutes. So on meadow can not even go after talk will begin with Delilah.

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