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Walkthrough 4th Survivor Mode of Resident Evil 2 Remake

In this mode, you will control Hank. In his access is only one weapon, and the stock of ammunition in the inventory will no longer be replenished. There are no other items on the locations.

Your task: to get from the sewer to the police station and find a way out. The route from point A to point B is completely linear. The only goal is to survive. The main tactic should be built on spending ammunition only on those mutants for which they are really needed. Save ammo.

Tips for walkthrough:

Resident Evil 2 Remake Четвертый выживший
Resident Evil 2 Remake: walkthrough "Fourth Survivor mode"
  • If you can not dodge or bypass the zombies, then you shoot in the head and run past. So, you stun the enemy.
  • If you shoot in the head of a zombie and he does not lose control, and then shoot a second time.
  • In the sewer control room, you run past all the dogs and zombies, ignoring them.
  • Apply a mixture of red and blue grass as early as possible. Especially, use it in the room with a sewage pool. You will receive additional protection against damage for a few seconds.
  • Use the shotgun to go through the first group of zombies. Shoot the belly or legs.
  • When you see with underwater monsters, and then just run past them. Especially if you have a special mixture of red and blue herbs. So you have protection from poison.
  • Use a shotgun to make your way through the lower floor of an underground facility under the police station. You need to get to the stairs.
  • Use the revolver to destroy the Licker, which will appear in the long corridor of the underground factory.
  • Run past the rest of the zombies in a straight line. You will have enough time.
  • When you get to the parking, then lure a large crowd of zombies and go around it, reach the door. You are halfway to the evacuation point.
  • You are attacked by Licker in the corridor B1 in the parking lot. Equip a combat knife in advance and use it on the monster to fight off its capture. You will lose the knife, but you will be able to run past Licker.
  • You will enter the police station from the second floor. Tyrant appears here. Run past the monster or stun an accurate shot in the head with a revolver.
  • Use a shotgun to get through the eastern office, and go to the main hall. Follow to the western office and climb up the stairs next to the photo lab.
  • In the western office, you need to shoot only one mutant. Tyrant appears above. Throw a stun grenade to stun opponents, including the Tyrant, and go round everyone.
  • In the corridor will appear zombies. Shoot each shotgun to stun the enemy.
  • Shoot the zombies that make your way through the library door and run to the others. Ignore the dog and go to the waiting room. Three more mutants will pass through the door, so use a shotgun to stun.
  • Follow the stairs to the north, so you will be on the third floor. On the way, shoot a revolver at Licker in order to completely kill him.
  • Use the flash-bang grenade to go past the huge monster on the third floor balcony, and then go down the stairs. There are Lickers below. Return to the corridor where the fallen helicopter is located to reach the fire exit and the stairs.
  • At the bottom, apply the latest hand and flash-bang grenades to make your way through the crowd of monsters. As soon as you escape from the zombies in the underpass, you will be free.

Climb up the stairs, you will reach the gate at the police station building. Go through them to get achievement the Grim Reaper.

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