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Walkthrough 3

Walkthrough Fran Bow


Early in the game talk about everything with the doctor. You can choose any options. We come to the table and pick up her purse, and then click on it and read the note from mom. Take the tablets from the tray.

Chapter 1. My common sense

Click on all the hot spots. The box to the left is locked. We need to find the key. Come to the window, and click on the curtain. It will fall along with the hook, select it to yourself, look out the window. We pass to the left to the doctor and say to her:

  • How long have I been asleep?
  • Is this due to the drugs?
  • Broke curtain.

We pass over to the right and a grandmother talking to her:

  • No, I have not seen.

When Grandma goes, we go to her table and study all subjects, including those in the drawer. We read the entries and exits of the approximation. Go right and go through the white screen. We speak with the boy Phil:

  • Do you know where is the exit ?
  • Everything is closed!
  • What do you mean?
  • Is the secret move?
  • Who?

We need to find some code. To begin select the box next to the bed of the boy. Open the inventory and use it, because inside will be key. Match to our box by the bed and open it with a key. So there would hairpin and a photo.

Open the box, which we picked up at granny in a box. Its code is as follows - 8943. One can guess that the word HIDE written there is not a simple. H - English letters.

There will be a tablet. Click on them at the bottom right of the screen. The situation will change dramatically. This is a nightmare! Pass to the left and select a spoke in the tangle of threads.

Next, open the inventory and combine the pins and needles, turn the so-called key. We pass to the boy and consider all different. Then go to the place of our bed and press on down the passage. They will see our aunt, who speaks with the doctor. We pass into the room with the boy and use our homemade key on the locked door. We leave into the corridor and visit all the rooms that we can. Now close the box of pills at the bottom right and the nightmare ends. We approach the girl from a neighboring chamber and speak to it:

  • Whom?
  • Shadows?
  • Do you know what it is?
  • Tell me, please!
  • Looking for a cat.
  • I could.
  • Who told you that?

We suggest pencils near the girl and say:

  • Can I take?
  • But you have a lot more!
  • Who?
  • I, too, sometimes.
  • Look what you can do.

Then open the inventory and take a plaster, hand-picked from Grandma. Apply it to the girl. She then gives us the green pencil. We leave the hall and click on the stair run, but then there is the old woman answered her:

  • You left it open.
  • Then I choose?

Then we find ourselves in yoor room, head to the right boy. There is a doctor, tell him:

  • Had not eaten for several days,
  • Let me eat,
  • Lesson learned.

Next, go to the stairway passage. Exerted near the reception, we pass on the left. We speak to the man:

  • Kiss yourself in the ass!

We approach the key and press on it, but we do not get it. Again the dialogue:

  • No matter what I think.
  • I go where I want.

We pass more to the left, we meet a girl:

  • I wanted to know.
  • Ate he your brain?

We pass through the door to the right and see the children. We speak with the boy at the TV:

  • What are you talking about?
  • What does the paper?
  • Why does not it work?

Switch the guy on Channel 8.

  • Well. You can see?

We approach the robe and select a belt. Combine belt hook in inventory. We leave the hall and go into the door on the left. We speak with the girl on the right:

  • I see dead animals.
  • No, this.

Pick up from the table a roll. We speak with the young man in a mask on the left:

  • Do you downstairs?
  • What's your name?
  • Of course.

We go back to the room to the left and pass on the left. We go back and talk to the girl Annie:

  • No, why should I be afraid of.
  • Do not know what you can do,
  • True? Wow!
  • How it works?

Annie will give us a capsule. Pass to the left and push the stick to the left of the boy:

  • I did not know that it's yours,
  • You are not a king,
  • I am inclined,
  • I need your cane,
  • Yes, your sword,
  • Whatever you want.

The boy asks castle and knight. Open inventory and combine the capsule from Annie and roll, picked up in the same room. We leave the room with a pedophile and offer our muffin with sleeping pills and then he falls asleep.

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