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Walkthrough 3

Walkthrough Fran Bow


Early in the game talk about everything with the doctor. You can choose any options. We come to the table and pick up her purse, and then click on it and read the note from mom. Take the tablets from the tray.

Chapter 1. My common sense

Click on all the hot spots. The box to the left is locked. We need to find the key. Come to the window, and click on the curtain. It will fall along with the hook, select it to yourself, look out the window. We pass to the left to the doctor and say to her:

  • How long have I been asleep?
  • Is this due to the drugs?
  • Broke curtain.

We pass over to the right and a grandmother talking to her:

  • No, I have not seen.

When Grandma goes, we go to her table and study all subjects, including those in the drawer. We read the entries and exits of the approximation. Go right and go through the white screen. We speak with the boy Phil:

  • Do you know where is the exit ?
  • Everything is closed!
  • What do you mean?
  • Is the secret move?
  • Who?

We need to find some code. To begin select the box next to the bed of the boy. Open the inventory and use it, because inside will be key. Match to our box by the bed and open it with a key. So there would hairpin and a photo.

Open the box, which we picked up at granny in a box. Its code is as follows - 8943. One can guess that the word HIDE written there is not a simple. H - English letters.

There will be a tablet. Click on them at the bottom right of the screen. The situation will change dramatically. This is a nightmare! Pass to the left and select a spoke in the tangle of threads.

Next, open the inventory and combine the pins and needles, turn the so-called key. We pass to the boy and consider all different. Then go to the place of our bed and press on down the passage. They will see our aunt, who speaks with the doctor. We pass into the room with the boy and use our homemade key on the locked door. We leave into the corridor and visit all the rooms that we can. Now close the box of pills at the bottom right and the nightmare ends. We approach the girl from a neighboring chamber and speak to it:

  • Whom?
  • Shadows?
  • Do you know what it is?
  • Tell me, please!
  • Looking for a cat.
  • I could.
  • Who told you that?

We suggest pencils near the girl and say:

  • Can I take?
  • But you have a lot more!
  • Who?
  • I, too, sometimes.
  • Look what you can do.

Then open the inventory and take a plaster, hand-picked from Grandma. Apply it to the girl. She then gives us the green pencil. We leave the hall and click on the stair run, but then there is the old woman answered her:

  • You left it open.
  • Then I choose?

Then we find ourselves in yoor room, head to the right boy. There is a doctor, tell him:

  • Had not eaten for several days,
  • Let me eat,
  • Lesson learned.

Next, go to the stairway passage. Exerted near the reception, we pass on the left. We speak to the man:

  • Kiss yourself in the ass!

We approach the key and press on it, but we do not get it. Again the dialogue:

  • No matter what I think.
  • I go where I want.

We pass more to the left, we meet a girl:

  • I wanted to know.
  • Ate he your brain?

We pass through the door to the right and see the children. We speak with the boy at the TV:

  • What are you talking about?
  • What does the paper?
  • Why does not it work?

Switch the guy on Channel 8.

  • Well. You can see?

We approach the robe and select a belt. Combine belt hook in inventory. We leave the hall and go into the door on the left. We speak with the girl on the right:

  • I see dead animals.
  • No, this.

Pick up from the table a roll. We speak with the young man in a mask on the left:

  • Do you downstairs?
  • What's your name?
  • Of course.

We go back to the room to the left and pass on the left. We go back and talk to the girl Annie:

  • No, why should I be afraid of.
  • Do not know what you can do,
  • True? Wow!
  • How it works?

Annie will give us a capsule. Pass to the left and push the stick to the left of the boy:

  • I did not know that it's yours,
  • You are not a king,
  • I am inclined,
  • I need your cane,
  • Yes, your sword,
  • Whatever you want.

The boy asks castle and knight. Open inventory and combine the capsule from Annie and roll, picked up in the same room. We leave the room with a pedophile and offer our muffin with sleeping pills and then he falls asleep.

Then combine the inventory paper and green pencil. The resulting picture, which belongs to the boy - "the King." He will give us a cane. Now combines this stick with a hook on the belt. Then go to the pedophile and apply the resulting keys hanging device made up of a hook, belts and canes. Apply the key to the cabinet to the right of the pedophile.

We go into the office, use the key on the door and come to stand on the right. From there, take a note of alarm. In the same office go left and pick up the key. We leave, but we will close the boy Phil. Swallow the tablet at the bottom right of the screen, then click on the ventilation grille at the bottom right.

There is a box in the foreground. To look into it and read the note. Click on the ladder passage. The doors are closed, but the inventory is the key, which is picked up earlier. Open the door and pass on. We go out into the corridor, where we examine the room, we pass to the right. We were in the waiting room, you need to distract the nurse. We eat a pill and see that the right side of the wall there is a key holder, apply our key to the cellar to the holder. Close the jar with pills and see that the nurse left with the key. Come to the alarm panel, you must enter your password. It is written in our previously selected note. Reference: 2932 (17 + 12 (December) and 25 ± 7 (July)). We pass into the yellow door.

Chapter 2. Signs of curiosity

Get out of the tube and study all the points. Pick up a small door with a piano. Pass to the right and we eat a pill. Click on the tree and say, answer A. We need to find a comb. Go to the right and close the jar pills. We speak to the ant, we need to kill the beetle. Go left and take the ax. We eat a pill and see well. We use the ax on the cover of the well. Pick up a pen bird near the well. We read on the board, "Construct the entrance."

Next, use the pen to a sleeping ant Antonio. He wakes up, and then we will send the new location to search for blueberries, which is necessary to give the beetle. Go right until you get to the house. We see the path to the door handle with the lock. We use the ax to the door and go inside. Take the glue and climb up on the sofa to take a piece of meat. We see a small house on the right. There's little family settled cones. We see cherished blueberries, but we did not take it easy. We leave and we eat a pill. Apply a piece of meat to the pile of ants. Pick up the bag and open it. It turned out to be a mousetrap and a business card. Put the trap into the house with pine cones, and then click on the baby bumps. Father runs and gets in a trap. Take blueberries. To carry the bug and then chop it with an ax. Talk with your mouse, and then again. Take from the rats carry a comb and hanging their heads, beforehand eat a pill . We report the ant that killed the beetle. Take the key from the hanging heads. Again, we are talking to a rat.

Putting the door handle, door and glue. We had a small, high-grade door. We go to the rats and we eat a pill, use the door to the well, and then apply to the door golden key.

Chapter 2. Split Personality

We have on some kitchen, pick up the pot on the right and left of the knife and baking powder on the shelf. Pass to the left. Again, we examine everything and select: salt, pepper, some seed, matches from the table. We pass more to the left and get into the hall. We select cupcake, consider painting. We take the vase with fireplace ashes. We rise up out of the room with sweets. Pick up a broom and a black candle from the chest. We pass into the room on the left and pick up the tweezers in the foreground. Go to the right and pull the rope, so we'll get a ladder to the attic. Climb up and pull another rope, so turn on the lights. We investigate everything, including a cage, begin a dialogue. Here we found Mr. Midnight.

We go down, and there we are waiting for the twins twin girls. We talk to them. They give us instructions to some sort of magical rituals.

We go up to our seals and speak with him. Go back to the kitchen and click on the box. Turn out onto the street. We see a frog and talk to her. Click on the items and select from the bank board.

We swallow the pill and find ourselves in some kind of prison. We consider all the ledges and climb up. We need to get to the bottle. For this we use the board. Who took on the street with a knife. Cut the rope and went down. Apply to the bottle tweezers and read the instructions in witchcraft. Close the jar and go to the tap. We fill the pot with water and go to the kitchen with a stove. We take our bowl of ash and apply it to the floor, so draw a pentagram. Use black candles to it . Close the window and use the matches to the plate. Then put the pot on the fire with water. Throws in boiling water with salt and pepper. Take the knife and use it on yourself as a prescription is required blood ritual performer. Then we go out and we eat a pill. Apply to the moonlight on the water seed. Grows moon rose, we need for the ritual. Then go to the typewriter in the room and take instructions from the inventory, which gave us twins. So we will add to the item with hair.

We pass to the kitchen and meet the terrible twins, then talk to the frog. After that we go into the hall and talk to the twins (revised instructions apply to them), they will give us their hair. We throw all the ingredients in a pot and light candles with matches. We go to the twins in the hall and say that everything is ready. We go to the kitchen and pour them our soup. The witches got what they deserved, select the key and run to our Kitten Mr. Midnight. However, the key does not fit, come into the room with a mirror. Apply the key to the lock. Solution puzzles in the picture.

Pick up the key. And we go to open the cage. Further, since the cat, we go out and speak to the toad. Apply baking powder on a toad. Then we jump to the toad on floating leaves and logs to cross the river.

Exerted on the banks, and pass to the left, go on the ferry. Watch the cut-scene.

The girl turned into a tree, after a dialogue with the funny creatures, we need to find the bag girl. We pass to the right and see the mechanism. We turn the handle to the bag but we do not get there, go to the little girl and talk to her. We go back and pick up the stone. Untwist the bridge and put a stone in gear. We take the bag and carry the girl. Take a photo and apply a carrot.

Chapter 3. Vegetative state

It appears from the King Ziar. See a series of scenes, after which we will have arms and legs. Pass to the left and talk to the king. Then we go left and talk with anyone who gets in the way. Exit the castle and talk to the guard. We need to find mountain Kotrem. We go down the stairs and get to a crossroads. Go to the beginning of the left and get on the market. We speak with all merchants and reach the cochlea near the boatman. Play with it a tic tac toe, for winning, he will give us a gold coin. Go back to the crossroads. At watchmaker we learned about the clock, which can be changed by moving and time, and we need the winter. We head to the crossroads.

At watchmaker we learned about the clock, which can be changed by moving and time, and we need the winter. We head to the crossroads. We pass into the screen and see the clock.

Go right and talk to a grasshopper. We pass to the right and see a roll, talk with them, then we go up to the mountain. We remember that we have a gold coin for the watchmaker, who will repair the clock that we saw at the crossroads. Match to watch and talk to the watchmaker. He will give us the bullets to change the time of year. We head to the mountain and booking winter. On the second floor will be opened passage. We speak to the wizard. We have to guess the four puzzles and find things, answers and put them according to the figure on the star.

Immediately we can guess that the answer to the riddle is 1 match (taking inventory). We put on the number 1 match. To go out to search for clues. We reach the clock and see the wounded doctor, he flies, and we select the pen. Pen - the answer to the riddle 4. Put pen to star in figure 4.

Obviously, the answer to the riddle 2 - a lemon. We go to a grasshopper and translate our hours in the summer. But the lemon he will not let us. We go after him in a bar, but we did not let the guard, requiring ticket.

Well, let's go. To get started go to the clock and go left to the boat. We order the summer and see the boat near us, and next to a fishing rod, which are chosen. We sail on a boat for the things that we have left in the beginning. We go back. Now, bear bait blacksmith from the market, it is to fix it, if we give him a few coins. We go to play tic tac toe. We need to get 3 coins. Then the blacksmith will hook. But we have no thread, come to the front of the counter. Take the bait and apply to the seller. He will give us the line for nothing. Now combine a fishing line and a hook bait. Apparently you need to catch fish. We pass to the right from the market and use the fishing rod to the river, so catch a fish.

It remains a cherished lemon. To take a lemon, you need to go to the basket and turn the tree fall. Shopping will remain unattended, use a knife to her. Then turn the summer, we see that fell lemon. We select it and run to the wizard. We arrange the items as below:

Next, we talk to the wizard and go to Kotrem upstairs, talk to him. Goes in search of his wife. We run the boat on which we have already rolled over things and sailing in the middle of the lake to the island. We speak with former of Kotrem and go look for the flower at the base of the mountain. Turn autumn and cut flower. We carry to the island, and then move to the mountain, including winter. Take the cap and carry a wizard, then we go to the library, which is located in the fortress and protect her Beetle.

Open the table and set as in the picture. Remember the market, we sang a song math? Tip is in this song.

We need to find a book that said the wizard. As soon as enter the correct character, you need to switch to fall and rotate the lever so the book will appear. We carry it wizard and talk to him. Then he asks to find a dancer. We run to the bar and go to the back yard, where the walls have wood, move them, open the passage. Change to fall and go to seals. In the table on the right will find a drunken visitor, and lend him a ticket. We give it to the security guard, but he will miss us. Then combine the pencil with an exterminator business card, you get a ticket. We pass the bar and talk to the grasshopper left. Next transported in the summer and talk to the dancer, we need to outsmart him. Transported in the spring, when there is no one in the bar. Open the piano. Setting up the device as shown in the picture. How to get out of the approach will immediately switch to the autumn. Grasshopper will not sustain the pace and fall, pick up shoes. We carry them wizard, and then run to the mechanical roller behind the bar. We need to stick in his right hand was the roll sort out the options and reach their own.

We carry a wand wizard and go to talk with the king.

Push double-pink stone, then two times for red, two times on the blue, yellow 2 times, 2 times green.

Chapter 4. Imaginary friend

We pass to the left and encounter the tablet is clearly a trap. We cut the net and talk with Itvord. We need to get a water and fire-berry. We eat pills and go to the right. We'll see elk's skeleton and speak with a deadly worm. Then upstairs there are last berries. But we do not break them, we pass to the right and use a watering can to our head. We ask that it won us water. We take water and go to the berries. Apply water and berries to Itvord. We climb into the aircraft. We select the tape to the table, we go through the door ahead. We pass to the pump and close up a small tube with electrical tape, open the flap and fill the tank with water. Levers set as shown, then the matches ignite gas.

Now you need to mix fuel. Tip cone on the right of the wall. Fill the ingredients according to the prompt, and select from the table of the tube, but this is not enough. We eat a pill and be in the room more tubes. We match the machine and set the tube as shown. Light a fire with matches, and the flask AFM throw berries, which were previously. Exit approach, come to us Itvord. Go after him into the room with a rabbit.

We examine the rabbit. We were closed. Take the wrench and carrots. Stand to the elevator and push the button, we see that the right shows the battery. Quickly go to it, and select. We eat a pill and see a large mechanical rabbit. Give him a carrot. Close the jar with pills and come to the front panel, unscrew the nut on top of the key 2. Inserted inside the battery. Next, go to the gate on the left and click on it. We pass to the elevator on the left and click on the button rises. There's a combination lock.

To do so that the two points were next to each other. Now click 8 times to the right, then back to the right 5 times, 8 times to the left, right 6, 9 times to the left, pull by the white knob. This is what we learned from the leaves of the cabin, which has the numbers when we ate the pill.

As open, went down. Itvord is a joker. We need to find Kamala. We pass into the pump chamber, and we eat a pill. It is necessary to pour water. Bucket we have, but you need to collect the water at the top, by pressing the lever next to the kettle. Collect water and poured Kamal. Then he rises to the roof. Turn kettle and poured him a few times, until he leaves the ship.

Chapter 4. The prescription of the doctor

We pass our house and come to the window on the left (look under the pot), then the right (click on the plant). Our cat will rise to the top. Rides with the clinic and the doctor will tell us everything. Just read the dialogues. We'll be there to the cemetery. We pass by the grave right, but the door is closed. We go to the machine on which to come and take the crowbar. We reveal the door for them. Will bump and ask for a piece of leather. We go to the machine and use a knife to the seats, so we get a piece of leather, bear cone. Then go to the grave and dig a doctor. Open coffins scrap.

Chapter 5: Home madness

Look in the closet and find the keys. We select one of them and open the lock. We inventory prompted by fluffy doctor. We take the box and see the ears on the sides and at the center of the eye. Press 2 times the left ear, right 1 time, 2 times eyes and then 1 time the left ear and the eye again. Stash opens, there are some instructions and key. We approach the shelf with toys. We select clothespin with keys. On the left we see the outlines of the key, a knife to strip off and take the key. We look out the window and see Kamal, to help the tree. See in the closet and pick up balls and bag.

Take the toy cat and pull by the button. There is a castle, take the key from the box and open it to them. We will have door. We leave on the table and see the key is 105 doors.

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