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Walkthrough Friday the 13th The Game – Virtual Cabin 1.0

Detailed walkthrough of the secret mode of the version of Virtual Cabin 1.0 in the game Friday the 13th The Game

You start with Virtual Cabin 1.0 Beta. Here you can see most of the guest house. Your main goal is to solve all the puzzles "Guess the Word", which are on the back of newspapers and magazines. You can watch the fast video walkthrough. Or read the detailed guide with screenshots.

In total, you can find four newspapers and two magazines:

  1. There is newspaper on the ground floor, near the sofa on the edge of a small table with a cup.

2. The newspaper is located on the lower floor on the kitchen table.

3. There is newspaper on the top floor, on a small table near the wall opposite the TV. 4. Newspaper is located on the top floor, in the armory room, on the far table owned by Tommy Jarvis.

1. The magazine is located on the ground floor, on the desk beside the computer.

2. The magazine is located on the ground floor, on a low table between the sofa and the fireplace.


Solving all the puzzles of Word Guess

On the back of the magazines and newspapers are small assignments. In fact, these are common puzzles. Read the riddle, you will even know the number of letters in the answer. One of these letters will be underlined.

In addition, each riddle is numbered - from Week 1 to Week 6. you will have to make up a word of six letters.

Guess the word Week 1

Furry friend with a purple bow. It's about Muffin, the dog from the second part.

Answer: Muffin. Select the letter M.

Guess the word Week 2

Cured meat and famous counselor.

Answer: Bacon. We select the letter O.

Kevin Bacon was shot in the first film.

Guess the word Week 3

Movies featuring T.J. (films with the participation of TJ).

Answer: Three. Select the letter T. Tommy Jarvis appeared in three films - the fourth, fifth and sixth parts.

Guess the word Week 4

Original Mask Owner.

Answer: Shelly. Select the letter H. Sheldon "Shelley" Finkelstein was in the hockey mask in the third part before Jason killed the character and took it away.

Guess the word Week 5

Most films in mask (famous films with a mask).

Answer: Five. Select the letter E. Jason had no mask until the third part.

Guess the word Week 6

Doomed Ocean Liner. Answer: Lazarus. Select the letter R. This is the ship with the students of Lakeview high school, associated with New York, from the seventh part of the game.

As a result, we get the code word MOTHER.

Enter this codeword on the computer near the door to unlock even more functions.

You will need to select the lower line Check for Updates.

After doing so, and you unlock Virtual Cabin 1.1 with the updated features and options.

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