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Walkthrough Full Throttle Remastered

Walkthrough Full Throttle Remastered

Hit the road

Click on the roll-top of the container on the right to get out. Follow to the right on the red arrow and try to start the engine (press and hold LMB, and when you see the "skull" icon, move the cursor either to the hand or to the foot). You do not have the keys.

Go to the building of the Kick Stand bar; open the door, hit it (move the cursor to the foot as soon as the image of the "skull" appears on the doorway). Go inside. Talk to the bartender (move the cursor to the language as soon as the "skull" icon appears), and then press it (by hand). If you want you can interact with the piano. When you return your keys, then leave the bar (the red arrow at the bottom of the screen).

Motorcycle rally

Go the motorcycle and start the engine (by hand or foot). During your trip there will be a member from another gang warring with you. Click on the LMC several times to hit it, and then push it out of the way.

Help Mo fix the bike

Talk to Maureen, nicknamed Mo, as soon as you wake up. Look at the picture on the wall to the right (move the cursor over the eyes when the skull icon appears). Take the hose that hangs from the right side, and then - the empty canister. Go outside (to the right) and talk to a reporter named Miranda.

Go to the left and see the map of the area that appears on the screen. Select the trailer on the left. Knock on the door, and when Todd starts talking to you through it, from the trailer. This must be done before Todd calls Ben to be a fool. If you are late, the trailer will be empty. In this case, go back to the street and repeat the procedure.

Neutralize Todd, inspect the contents of the trailer.

Note. If you enter without stunting Todd, you can not get into the basement.

Open the locker above the bed on the left and take the pick from the inside of the door. Remove the steak from the fridge. Stand on that part of the floor that seems brighter (light, behind the door at the right wall) to go down to the basement.

Take the welding tool from the table on the right. When Ben automatically takes it to Mo and leaves the street, you need to go left to open the location map. This time you need to select the tower in the upper right corner.

Go to the location. The entrance to the tower area is closed by a curtain. Open the lock, use the master key, which was taken from the trailer of Todd. Open the inventory with the I key and click on the master key, dragg it to the lock and click again on the LMB). Pick up the object from the ground (it will lie to the left of Ben). Move on and approach the steel staircase leading to the tower.

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