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Walkthrough Furi

Walkthrough Furi

After an introductory video man in a rabbit costume will offer to kill the jailer and to fight for your freedom. The jailer has the key.

Go ahead and watch the cut-scene. Soon the battle will begin.

The battle with the jailer

So you will study management. Learn how to shoot and shoot. Aim and shoot in the jailer. In the upper right corner of the screen you can see the scale of its stock of health. In the upper left corner of the screen is the scale of your health.

Combat consists of 7 stages! Under the health of your scale are three blue squares. If the jailer removes all health (scale), one of the squares disappear. This fight will continue from the stage where you left off, with one exception: if the jailer has orange range, it will once again be blue and have to repeat the stage from the beginning.

First, health scale of jailers is blue. Shoot until it completely turns orange. At this point, the jailer put the block. All your shots to him are indifferent. Go to the enemy and attack by a sword. It is the only way to inflict damage. If you do not have time to do it, health is restored and the scale will turn blue again.

Parry his hits until you see a prompt with the attack button (Slash). Then you need attack. Repeat these steps until the orange scale is empty.


After that one of the seven small squares disappears.

At the same time, the stock of your health should recover.

In the second step try the shots with charged projectiles. Hold down the button and shoot. When the jailer uses a block, you run up and attack by a sword. Hold down so that to attack a strong blow and gradually penetrate enemy unit. When you will see prompt SLASH, then just attack the enemy.

In the third stage shoot conventional shells in the enemy. At the same time, the jailer will attack you by energy waves and balls. Use the appropriate key to avoid them. It allows you to fly through the waves. After avoiding you need shoot 3-5 times and repeat the procedure as long as the boss does not arise in the unit.

Run up and attack him by the sword. Now you need use the avoidance (jerk) so as to avoid the red areas. Jailer will attack a heavy blow for these red zones.

In the fourth stage, you can attack by a sword and shot. First run away from the jailers until he is charged with energy. Attack him at this moment is useless. Soon it will explode and shoot at you. From time to time you need to make leaps in order to avoid energy waves. Do not forget to parry. This time the jailer's health will decrease more slowly.

To be continued…


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