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Walkthrough Gemini Heroes Reborn

Level 1. Nosce Te Ipsum

Start follow Alex - a friend of the protagonist. When prompted, move the mouse so that the view to the sky. You will see a full moon. Next, read the movement keys - W, S, A, D. Follow Alex depth maps. Climb down from the mountains, while Alex will not give you their smart-glasses. Look at them. You will display the interface with useful data. Take a look at Alex for a long time to points identified his identity.

After the conversation will continue. Suddenly there will be guards. Hide from them, crouch on the key CTRL. Follow Alex slowly over to the enemy you have not noticed. Make your way through the gate and run for a friend, hold the left Shift. Alex begins to climb the ruins.

Climb the hill, use the key Space. To get to a higher place, you have to run up use the Shift key and press the key Space. Navigate through the roof until with Alex do not fall down. Watch the cut-scene.

Level 2: Adventures in Wonderland

After the cut-scene, you move in time. Follow for guards. You rested into the door. On the left there is a passage - to move, crouch by pressing CTRL. Get up to this point, and press the Q, to once again look to the future. Follow Alex and you will once again rested into the closed door. Nearby there is another door marked. Open it and climb along the ledge to the right, where there is a grid. Soon you will have to fall down.

There will be a real security guard with a gun. You have to hide and evade it. Move the marker to activate the fault time (press Q) and see a hole in the wall. After the girl guess around, press E, to move in time. Go through the hole in the wall.

Then you have to follow the marker to the location, move in time to pass the obstacles. At the same time ahead will be a blockage and the other - a door that can be opened. But beware: before the fire in the school building has a lot of enemies with your weapon. Get to a place where there will be someone's blood. Expect the download is complete.

Level 3: Within reach

Move forward on the lane, until you have locked the door. Move in time and walk through the open door. Listen to the scientists talk about telekinesis. Nearby is a table with a medical injection. Travel through time, until she did not recognize that the formula TC - the only way to save Alex. Come to the table and press the F, to inject an injection.

Now you can use telekinesis. Place the screen on any object and hold down the right mouse button. If the object becomes transparent, you can his move. If the item does not become transparent, and circled in yellow border, it is too heavy for your telekinesis. So, in the same time step up to the gate, which indicates the marker, and hold down the right mouse button. Look up, hold down the left mouse button and lower right. Gates should recede upwards. Go through them. Change the time and you will see that instead of following the locked door is now open passage, but with drawers. Throw telekinetically in these boxes other object. The boxes is too heavy to move telekinesis.

In the next room you will be examined with the enemy, throw him a barrel (at that time, where is the enemy with arms). Go to the red door on which there is an icon "key". You will be contacted Alex. Talk to him. You will have a key card. Now you can open the red door.

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