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Walkthrough Get Even

Save the girl

We go to the door on the right. Use the F key to open it. Turn right and you will see the first enemy. He passes into the passage on the left, and at this moment you go to the building on the right. In the far room, there is a dron on the table. This is your first clue. Use the "3" key to change weapons, for reverse change "2". Press the Tab key to open the smartphone menu. Study the following options: • Locations map. • Messages (here are the main tasks). • Memoirs. • Ultraviolet light (use to find evidence and solve puzzles). • Scanner. • Thermal imager.

You can analyze the clues with the help of a scanner. There are the green dots on the left side of the device. They indicate the location from the clues. Approach the drone and use the scanner (point the phone). Click LMB. Now you can see the results. Climb to the second floor up the stairs. There is a small piece of cloth on the battery. This is the second evidence. Use ultraviolet light. You will find blood stains on the floor with its help. Follow the stains and you will find another piece of evidence-a rope. Use the scanner.

Go to the next room. There is a cigarette in the ashtray on the table.

Go to the nearest location. There is the door On the left. Open it. Inside there are cans with sleeping pills. Apply the scanner to the evidence.

Go down and gently approach the enemy. Press the "F" key to destroy it. On the front there is a portrait on the wall. Use the scanner for evidence.

Go to the tunnel. There is another enemy. Come out from around the corner and gently kill the enemy. Go ahead and you will again see enemies. Immediately shoot them in the head. Go to the girl and neutralize the bomb. She will say the code; however, it's too late. See the cutscene.





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