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  1. Аватар Got far more further than you:

    Where’s the rest?

    1. Аватар Laet:

      oui SVP la suite :)

    1. Аватар Got far more further than you:

      I don’t know from which part of the world are you (the one who writes the walkthrough) — your English is terrible. If you want I can do a grammar check or whatever for you…

      1. Hello, sorry for the grammar. We are not native English speakers. You probably will not can to check the grammar in all articles. Thanks for your opinion. We will try improve the quality. You can contact us showgamer2015@gmail.com

  2. Аватар Eeeeeeee:

    Can somebody tell me how to open f*****g portal.

    1. Аватар Cathleen:

      That’s really thikning out of the box. Thanks!

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  3. Аватар gaguch:

    how to take back K4MO2 from cellar???

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