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Walkthrough 9

Walkthrough Goetia

Goetia - unusual game published by Square Enix.

Chapter 1. The Awakening

Blackwood Mansion

After watching the video you will see the location from the tree and cross grave. The main character in the game is a flying ball of light, a ghost. When you will see the prompt in the upper left corner, then click on the J key to open the magazine and read the first entry:

"I'm Abigail Blackwood. Daughter of Abraham and Helena Blackwood, Sister Annie ... That's all I remember until the fall, my last nightmare. I really do not understand who I am or what happened ... I must find help. I have to find my family. "

Hold down the CTRL key and you will see all active points on location. There is a grave cross, the tree and the two transition points - left and right. Aim at the cross or the tree and click the left mouse button. You will see a window with three images - magnifier, some terms and eyes. Icon "eye" allows you to see the object, and the "magnifying glass" - interact. Here, you can only view a cross and a tree. You can’t go left, therefore, move to the right.

The following locations can view the statue and try to open the gate. Either way, you're a ghost, and you can just move through the gate. You will be to the courtyard of the mansion Blackwood.


Press the Tab key to open the map. Click on a particular spot on the map, you can quickly move there. So far you have shown on the map only tree in the courtyard of the mansion. Fly inside the mansion, right.

Open the cabinet near the stairs on the right side, and interact with the card.


You are in the lobby, on the map - HALL. Hall is not marked in any color, but there are rooms on the mansion, which are highlighted in red, blue, orange and other colors. Press the C key when close the map. You will see a kind of code. The code contains all the results and previously viewed documents. Map is no exception, and you can see its in the code in the upper right corner. Click the left mouse button at any time convenient to you, you open the map.

From the next room (sofa on the map), you can only go up. Generally there are way down, but it block by blue runes. The path to the right leads to the studio Abigail's father, but the girl does not know how people will communicate with her.

Upstairs, inspect the piece of paper on the table. It depicts some characters. The central image is marked with a question mark. On the left side is a cabinet. At its top is a hat. In addition to the hat is where you'll find a book with a note. This is collectible items.

Way up is blocked by blue and yellow runes. Move to the right side and see a box with keys on the wall. Open the box, and then inspect hidden in a niche statue. Select the third character interaction. This symbol "circle and a line with an arrow" allows Abigail move into those or other items. Now, you can move into the statue and move it. Remove it from the niche. Inside the niche, behind the statues was hidden switch. Click on it and a box will open below. Inside the box, inspect all documents. This is a death certificate in the name of ... Abigail's father. What happened to the girl? Why her last memory dates back to 1902, while the certificate has been issued in 1939?

Now you can go down and fly out of the room with a sofa right in the workshop of his father.


Examine the diary on the floor, fly right and see the desktop. Read the note on a table. Examine the records on the table, in which colored five characters depicted. Above the note is box with glass doors. You can’t open it, but inside there is a subject in which you move into.

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