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Walkthrough Goliath

Walkthrough Goliath

The waiting for rescue

So, start a new game and wait for the download is complete. You will manage Gromov. Use the keys W, S, A, D to move. There are four empty windows in the lower left corner of the screen - a menu of fast access that you will use in the future. Each window has its own character - the key, which allows you to activate the object located in the window. Surely there are Goliaths.

The first task - to collect logs 0/5.

You can pick up a variety of resources on locate and chop trees. Use the button E to do it. Go forward and pick up the first mushroom. Come to the dry trees and chop them by pressing the key E. Break down the bushes to collect twigs. You get three logs with fig-trees (while with dry wood - 2 logs) and resin. Collect the logs and job will refresh.

Quest: 0/5 to collect berries.

Press the TAB key and see the inventory. You can also switch to the magazine, map and experiments. The stock of Gromov’s health is - 50/100. Open the map; you will see an image of the chest. Inside it you can find something useful. Next there are bird nests, which will attack you. So be careful.

Press the "2" to become invisible. You can to kill weak enemies from a revolver (press the key "3"). On the map berries marked with a bunch of grapes. You will need to go up to the north of the map marked by the blue line. Collect the berries.

Task: to place a camp near the crash site.

Move back to the crash site and click on the button "1". You set up a tent and campfire.

Task: to make charcoal on the fire.

Come to the fire and press the button E. In the inventory you need to select the firewood and throw them into the fire. Then take away the charcoal.

You need to make a coal. Drag the branch in the right window with the inscription "Bonfire". Begin to fill the scale. You spend one branch and get one coal. Click on the phrase "Take all" at the bottom of the window to stop the coal manufacturing process.

Task: Make a medical kit.

Tent allows you to create objects. Walk up to it and press the button E. You will see first aid kit or medical kit. Select ointment and click "Create." For manufacturing you will need one coal and berries.

Task: to cure wounds.

You will see kit in menu in the lower left corner of the screen. Press the Z key if the ointment is in a cell above the letter Z.

Radio communications

Task: to answer the call.

To be continued!

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