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Walkthrough Gorogoa

It is a very unusual game. So, you have a large screen. It is divided into four parts. That is, you can decompose no more than four separate pictures simultaneously on the screen. You can move sideways, up or down inside individual pictures, move them away or zoom in. But you can move not all the pictures.

In addition, you can divide some pictures. If you see an hourglass in any picture, then you know that some important action takes place on it and you cannot change it yet.

The meaning of the game

The main goal of the game is to collect five fruits of different colors, about which you will learn at the very beginning. It's not as easy as it sounds. In addition, throughout the game the hero moves from one location to another, and you need to help him do it in some places.

Red fruit

Remove the picture to move to the room. Look at the picture of the dragon, click on the cup with colored symbols, and then on the symbols themselves. Remove the picture - the screen is finally divided into four parts - this is your main field of action.

Drag the window to the right to see how the pictures are divided. Move around the room to the right - the boy from the pantry will pull out the blue cup. He will collect the fruits in it.

Zoom the screen to the left to see the door with a red symbol on the roof of the house. Separate the frame of this door to create a third image. Navigate through the picture that shows the door with a red symbol, to the left. You will see a man in a wheelchair and a crow on a branch. Inspect the crow near, move the frame of the door to the picture with the boy in the pantry, so that he went to the roof.

Remove the screen from the pantry to move to another room. There is a picture of a tree with a red apple to the right of the gap. Click on it. Set the picture with the apple and the picture with a crow in one line. So that the apple will be on the left, and the crow - on the right. Both pictures should be located on top. Place the third picture with the boy under the picture with the apple. Instead of the boy, enlarge the image on the blue bowl so that the apple is directly above it. The crow must fly away, and the apple falls into the blue bowl.

Video walkthrough of Gorogoa (Part 1)

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