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Walkthrough Grandpa 1.6

The detailed walkthrough Grandpa version 1.6: how to escape from the grandfather from the house. After the release of the update, the walkthrough is divided into two levels: the grandfather's house and the cemetery. You can enter the cemetery in two ways:

  • Go through the house by unlocking the door with the golden lock;
  • Buy direct access to the second level through the new STORE function (if you have already passed the house, you can directly go to the second level here).

Also you can purchase fun skins for your grandfather. The number of deaths in the game is unlimited. Each time you appear on the starting location and in the hands will be the object that was at the time of death.

Walkthrough Grandpa: first level (Grandfather's house)

Unlike some similar projects in this game, the location of all items does not change. You appear in the corridor, look to the right and in one of the lower compartments of the cabinet and find the green key.

Next, open the door to the left of the portrait of the woman, go down and look to the left to see a door with a red lock in the distance. But now you need to go through the door to the right. By the way, you can make a noise before you leave the corridor on the second floor. Interact with a portrait of a woman, which will lure your grandfather upstairs. While he goes there, you will have time to go downstairs and run to the right door.

There will be a corridor with wooden barrels, an elevator, a closet and several doors.

TIP. I recommend you go crouching during the passage of the game. So will be minimum amount of noise and you not to attract the attention of the grandfather.

You will find the red key inside the cabinet, which is blocking access to the back of the corridor (behind the lower doors).

Walkthrough Grandpa

Go out and open the red lock on the door on the right. The castle will fall, so the grandfather will soon come running here. Go back to the corridor where you found the key, and open the door near the cabinet and the red and white barrel. You will enter a room with a table and food. From here you need to go down the stairs, turn behind it and discover a huge circular saw. We continue walkthrough Grandpa 1.6.

Walkthrough Grandpa

Now you go back upstairs where you started the game. This time go through the door, located on the right side of the corridor. Climb higher on the other steps and find the body of a policeman. Next to him will be a silver key. It has a permanent location.

Throw the saw, take the key and use it to open the hanging lock on the nearby door. Pick up the saw and enter the opened room. There is a showcase with red beams on the right side. Cut it with a circular saw. Grandfather will run upstairs to study the sources of loud sounds. Hide in the closet or leave the room and try to run along the wall to the right of the stairs to get on a separate "islet", where the grandfather can not reach.

Walkthrough Grandpa

The second option is better, because you will need to go down. Go to the door to the left of the steps (there are a small black - white portrait on the right and a window), go into the corridor where you started the game. Then pick up the green key found earlier. Go down into the corridor, where the elevator shaft is located, and throw the key on the floor, because it will be easier in the future.

Go through the door, which previously was a red lock. You will see next corpse in the corridor. Go to the very end of the corridor, and on the right you will find a ladder. Climb the stairs to the top, where you will see a ghost. We continue walkthrough Grandpa  1.6. Walkthrough Grandpa

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