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Walkthrough Granny 1.3

Read walkthrough mobile horror Granny, all subjects and secrets

You can read at the end of the game all the combinations by the arrangement of objects.

This walkthrough is relevant for the version of the game Granny 1.3. Perhaps, with subsequent updates will be introduced new items, rooms and Easter eggs.

The main goal of the game is to escape from the big house, through which the ghost of Granny moves. The ghost is trying to kill you. In total there are five days to leave the house.

The exit from the house is one, and it is protected by several locks, including one code lock, and boards.

In order to open the door you need:

  • CODE;
  • Padlock;
  • Key;
  • hammer (to knock the boards off the door);
  • cutting pliers;
  • Battery;
  • Master key (red) to open the last lock.

In addition, the game has several additional items that are important and will allow you to achieve the goal:

  • screwdriver;
  • crossbow with darts (tranquilizer);
  • Watermelon;
  • the key to the gun box (where the crossbow is located);
  • four or five parts of the figure;
  • Handle for the well;
  • two gears;
  • a thin key (yellow) opening the safe in the basement;
  • teddy bear (Easter eggs, but more about this below).

The four items listed above are in the same places:

  1. crossbow with darts - in the room from the bottom (do not confuse with the basement where the safe is located);
  2. teddy bear - next to the locker where the crossbow is located, there is a passage to the niche (you need to push the boards off), in which is now a button that opens a secret niche with a bear cub;
  3. sheet with code - there is a metal locker in the toilet. Inside you find the sheet with code;
  4. screwdriver - in the hall, where there is a well-protected exit door, look upward to find a shelf on the wall (there is a pot with a screwdriver on it).

The crossbow allows put Granny to sleep for a while.

All other items appear in random locations - inside drawers, cabinets, nightstands, sideboards. There are more specific places like a washbasin and a bathroom in the toilet, a bucket at the bottom of the well, a wall locker at the staircase opened with a screwdriver, a locker inside the children's lodge, a safe in the basement.

And now about everything in more detail.

Destination of objects (how to escape from a ghost)

Every time you start in the bedroom on the second floor. There is a bed and a wardrobe that you can use to hide from Granny. Also there are two tables, one of them with two drawers. Sometimes inside you can find a useful object.

The game has various secret passages - they are hidden behind cardboard boxes and boxes, so pay attention to them. You need to go into the living room with a dining table and to get into the yard. Next to the table is now a door. It is almost always closed, so you can use the window on the side - interact with the red print of the palm on the glass.

Let's consider the approximate order of actions. Search all the rooms until you find an item. Depending on what you will find, do the following:

  •  The key to the safe - get down into the basement (the door is next to the main entrance in the hall) and open the safe to find another useful item inside.
  • The key to the gun cabinet - you can go into the secret passage through the second floor and go down just below, so that in a room with wooden walls, floor and ceiling, find a locker in the corner. Open it to get a crossbow and three darts. These darts can be used to put the ghost to sleep.
  • Handle from the well - go into the yard, put the handle back in place and turn it to raise the bucket. There is a random item in the bucket.
  • Cutters - cut the wires on the door and in the basement, on the wall, near the safe.
  • Screwdriver. It is always in the pot, located on the shelf at the top of the main hall wall (where the exit door). Shoot a pot from a crossbow found in a gun cabinet. Note that the crossbow is only charged with one dart, and after the shot, you need to return to the gun cabinet and take another dart.

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