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Walkthrough Grow Up

Walkthrough Grow Up

Mission Report

Start Plan Expedition

Day 937

Activate additional tele router. Go towards to the cliff. There is a crystal to the right. Take it. Use the key A to jump. Climb the mountain. There is a crystal. Take it. Climb higher. You can collect chamomile and fly with flower. You will have the entire island and the possible location of the crystals. Inspect the rocks on all sides. The exact location of the crystals is difficult to describe. I have found crystals on the rocks as well as at the base of the cliffs.

We get down to the meadow with sheep. Also, inspect all the rocks. Crystals can be placed everywhere. One crystal is one percent. You need to collect 10 crystals. Activate your tele - router.

On one of the rocks, where there is green grass, you can find a cave from the water. In the cave are also crystals.


Above the rocks are located the other rocks in the form of islands. To get there, you need to activate the green plant, which is located underneath.


The plant is located on the right. Activate it.


Still it is necessary to activate the 3 such plants.

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