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Walkthrough (guide) Skyhill 2015

Rules of the game is simple: down with VIP rooms on the first floor, past the 100 spans of the hotel and leave. But it is only in words. In fact, it turns out that we really have nothing to eat, and very few resources and a key pass block the horrible creatures.

But there are rules in the game. You need to consider very carefully crafting system, prices and how to create food and objects. And also to understand how the descent is going on, and that you will be a pop-fighting system. Let's begin with a simple.

The hotel and its structure - the way to freedom.

We start the game on the 100 th floor. Our room «VIP» is at the top and immediately located the bench, a bed and a lift.

Bed: is to restore life in exchange for food points.

Bench: required to create complex things, food and modernization.

Door: to minimize the bad consequences of the events of the night.

Kitchen: Cook a complicated food recipes.

Set in settings permanent backlight action so as not to miss anything.

This is the base location (the house), where we have to come back each time to prepare a meal, relax or craft weapons. The structure of the hotel - two rooms and a hallway between the descent. No other structures do not exist, the only way.

Important! Lift the center always works and carries you for two units of food at any point, if the electricity is connected and doors work. Broken areas do not allow to pass above or below, so they need to be repaired.

The rooms, like the corridor, may be enemies. The lower - the more creatures and the stronger and more dangerous than they are. The rooms and corridors can find useful items and use them to survive, but only after the enemy will be killed or flee flight. Some doors are closed the locks to unlock their need keys and cards.

In fact, SKYHILL is a bagel with generated dungeons, but slightly limited. When you understand this, it becomes easier to plan attacks. Do not forget only that your primary goal - to survive and escape, not to kill everyone and collect everything.

Important! Lift must necessarily be repaired, if you, of course, still going back in the VIP-room. No matter hand or tool - it just has to work. If you need to walk up the stairs to run, then you quite quickly taken aback satiety and die.

Courses young chef - about food

Your hero is necessary to feed and maintain healthy. Always. Each move (from room to room) takes 1 unit of food. When the yellow Scale over - you will begin to lose health.

Good food can be prepared only in a room in the kitchen.

The first rule of a well-fed surviving - not eat everything raw. If you will eat bread, meat and fish just like that, without food processing - you will lose a lot of points of satiety. Cooked food allows you to get enough food and to exchange point for point health beds, very necessary for fighting monsters and stripping locations. And even if now you do not have some kind of ingredient, then after a minute or two things can change.

Important! Meat and fish combined with vegetables and water, and at the second kitchen help improve load from the belly, which means - to be completely healthy. Learn how to cook - it's your very first and overriding mission until you have started to go down deep.

Fight, pumping and monsters

Scrambles in SKYHILL always step by step. In turn you deal each other blows and so on until victory or until someone runs away (you, too, by the way, can escape). Real set to a percentage (probability) hit and you can manually aim at body parts by clicking on the scope, or leave the choice of AI.

Efficiency in battle depends on the parameters of pumping skills:

  • force - + % damage in a battle of powerful weapons + crit;
  • Speed - +% damage from rapid weapon + chance of further progress;
  • Agility -  +% damage in a battle of cunning weapon + chance to dodge;
  • Accuracy - +% chance to hit the enemy.

Important! Not all weapons requires only one you two options. It happens just three. It is best to reserve point, if you are not sure that it correctly scattered.

Initially, your character has the basic characteristics, but with a new level you get points that raise them. It is necessary to distribute them strictly on talent in the battle, so much so that your weapon was a priority. For example, if you swing by (two-handed weapon) and hope to hit something heavy, and then act accordingly. Well, if you want to beat a light weapon - good enough to raise agility and speed. Key indicators of weapon indicated on the most when you move it from the menu bags or menu kraft.


Enemies is not much, but they all have their own characteristics.

Slim and more like a zombie man with a knife - can escape to the level or two below.

Standing on all fours Monster - basic and less dangerous.

The fat man with big arms - is dangerous because of the great damage, but often gives himself to beat twice.

Fat man with a whip - is able to poison, but it dies.

Spider-Woman - sometimes attacking twice.

Long nan, barely fits in the room - a lot of health and attack almost 10+ damage.

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