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Walkthrough Hack_me

Walkthrough Hack_me

Start a new game. After examining the first reports, open the folder info on the desktop. Open a text document. Pay attention on two points - dog's name Mike and date of birth 03.21.1964.

Next, close all this and open the file cmd to your desktop. Remember, any IP-address to enter. Close the prompt and type in cmd-window:



Enter password. It's not a pet nickname, and date of birth - 03211964 (without dots!).

Then you need to enter in the cmd-window the following data:

    D: \ documents \ bank \ logpass.txt.


After that, your desktop will be a text document logpass.txt. Open it and you will see your login and password. Open the ES client program that is on your desktop. Enter your login Jasmith and password - 19640321. Unfortunately, the password does not match.

Your computer will program Bruteforce. Open it and enter the login jasmith. Click on start and wait. Soon will a suitable password - 475267. Reopen ES client, enter your username and new password.

Click on the button to transfer money to complete the task.

After 2 years

Open your mail - jmail. Read the letter from the teacher. Close jmail, to refresh the desktop. You will see two programs - cud and hivaj. They are used to break into websites and change the data contained on them.

Cud program is used to search for a vulnerable section of the site. Run it. You need to enter it to find a site. But what is kind of site? Reopen mail jmail, to get a first job.

Quest Alex Freeman / Hacking the game

We are asked to break into an account of the game Frog of Empires and put money on it. Now there are 12,500 game currencies. In the description there is the site that you need.

Open the cud, and enter the URL - http://frogofempires.com. When will introduce, do not press the Enter, and click the left mouse button on the image of green lightning in the upper left corner of the window. Wait for the completion of testing. Remember vulnerable section - will be written vulnerability found. This section is http://frogofempires.com/CN.

Open the hivaj. At the top line, enter the address in the preceding paragraph - vulnerability of the site. In the bottom left line, enter the amount of money that has been stated in the letter - 12500. In the right bottom line, enter another value to be higher than the previous - for example 1 000 000. Click on the Analyze button. Wait until a message appears on successful completion of the first task.

Rediscover jmail, to read customer response

Wait for the update of the desktop. – You will see a new program NetView.

Mission VEADAR / EasyWays

Open jmail and read a new job. We need to crack creators of EasyWays games and get file features.txt.

You need to crack the Wi-Fi to access to your PC. For this you need the program NetView. Open it, click on the name Wi-Fi - EasyWays, Click on the blue button in the form of PLAY. Wait.

You should see the password in the bottom field - eswt3289. Close the program and left-click on the computer icon in the bottom right corner of the screen. Select Wi-Fi EasyWays (protected). Enter the same password - eswt3289 and click on connect. Unfortunately, the password is not the same.

Just click on the different buttons to write a virus.

Play is a game. When you hit all object that you miss the ball down. There will be a message in the mail. Open it. You will be offered to hack the company FixStudio, and they pay 1.5 times more. Either you agree and simply misinform them or continue hack of EasyWays. In the first case, you get the money in the second - just the job will fail.

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