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Walkthrough Hard West

Company: Hard times

Learning the basics - Save it

If you decide training - is very good. Hard West is very difficult game. After the cutscene, if you agree to the training, as the main character you get of the Father. He must rescue his wife (your mother), who was snatch by the villains. Your main task: "to save her." It is turn-based game, you can move only in the redistribution of the highlighted area. Here the area is highlighted in yellow. Before you will be marked by a square with an arrow - send there the character.

► Note: Shelter, indicated by a shield. Try to always be in the shelter. Shelter is a partial and full. Full cover protects is the best.

Once you get to the shelter, you'll get a previously closed area in which you will see his first opponent. All characters that are marked with a red icon (shield) - your opponents. And again, any enemy who is out of the shelter, will receive more damage from shots (shots at enemies outside the shelter, more efficient). Kill opponents.

► Note: On most of the action is spent action points. Each character starts a fight with 2 AP (action points). Shooting usually spends all its remaining character AP. When all your characters spent all AP, the course begins enemy.

After you kill your first offender, there is a new. He will come at the sound of gunfire and immediately start shooting at you, so do not get out of your shelter. If your opponent runs for cover, then try to come to him with the unprotected flank, with that you are protected.

► Note: Each character has a certain stock of good luck. The high level of luck protects from enemy shots.

Go on a new marked shelter and shoot at criminals. Once you kill him, note that the weapons will need to be periodically recharged. Recharge after the murder of the second criminal (and remember to charge exchange in the future).

► Note: In the light of the day, you can see the enemies of their shadows. You can even shoot, focuse on the shadow. Some barriers, such as fabric or foliage, shoots through.

So, after recharging pay attention that the small tent is another criminals, you can shoot a tent, since the fabric is good shoots. So shoot at him. Then you will see another, who will sit on the second floor of the far house. Besides, he immediately shoot for you. Do not forget that many objects can be enough to be a good hiding place for you. You will see the most appropriate cover, which will be marked by a new point - go there.

Note that the red line on you - it's your health (this also applies to the enemy). When opponent shoot at you, your luck will be partially restored.

When you say, to choose the ability the "Rapid Fire" and click on the enemy. Once you kill the fourth criminals go inside the house, a large yellow asterisk. Open the chest. In the chest you will find the head of the mother and Death tells you about this situation.

After shooting - dig for gold

You are in the ruined buildings of the railway company and tried to feed themselves in farming. The land was dry and danger. Ten years was difficulty. Now you have decided that you should go back together in Oregon. It would like and your mother "

After a short history, before you open the global map. Your main task "to mine gold until the end of the license." You can go immediately to a few places.

The house of neighbors

"Apparently, the neighboring farm was settled. Your neighbors are nice people. You see Florence, their beautiful and kind-hearted daughter. Neighbors do not interested in gold mining, but tell you a couple of interesting places"

Once you visit this place, your main character will thing about girl. In addition, you get a few points that can help you in the search for gold. So you open new locations because of the information that gave the neighbors: "The camp of miners," "littered with mine", "mine Raw" and "Ford's trunk."

In any case, all you need to do right now - gold mine. At any mine you have to choose from will be four options, each of which brings a certain amount of gold.

• 1 - You deposit a gold placers. Cost: $ 15

• 2 - You have raised the gold from the depths. Cost: $ 40

• 3 - You have extracted the gold from the rock. Price: $ 100

• 4 - You have decided to use unconventional methods of extraction.

Since the initial capital is $ 35, always start with the first method of production, which is worth $ 15. As soon earn enough money for the second extraction method - use it. And so until the third. Once you will extract more than $ 100, you get a new job: "Ask for the protection of the leader of the criminals."

So your decided that you need the protection. Right place for the new task marked yellow star, in addition to this, your task is "to mine gold until the end of the license" - remains still in force.

Here you have a choice: you can continue to dig for gold alone, you risk be killed by bandits, or can go to the very ringleader of criminals for help (advice of your father). In addition, you will have two new locations, "trading gate" and "Mexico City". If you want the help, then you have to go to the location, "Mexico City".

Do the main task for the extraction of gold is not difficult, and during the production you will not kill. In addition, it will be enough to carry out a fully search the three mines, after which there will be only one task: "Ask for the protection of the leader of the criminals."

Mexico City - Trade

"The Mexican said he will help you if you share it with money from gold mining. He gave you a weapon".

After talking to Mexicans, you get a gun "Colt sailor", "rifle" and you open a new location: "Crossroads." Besides, you have a new challenge: "Protect your house." Your new partner - Cheech. In any case, you should go home and take part in the battle.

The house of your family - Protect your home

First of all, choose the item: "You took up defensive positions." And start a fight. In addition, I recommend to equip more characters received weapons and existing maps, which play a significant role in the battles.

Once you are together with your team will appear on the map, you will have an optional task: "If Cheech dies, it will stand you $ 200." His death and burial are very expensive, so I recommend not to lose it.

What do you do next? On the battlefield, decide wherefrom the enemies come. Of course, at first it is not clear. But how to understand? It is easy. Notice which way watch all the characters (it is the northern or eastern part - depending on the camera). It was from there begin to attack the enemies. As for the enemies - there will be many. Besides, it is better to save the game, as in the battle you can not save.

Chich can remain on the corner of the house. Father also leave in the same place, but Warren better move to the second floor at the this place where he stood before, just above. Then, go forward, and soon see how the enemies come at you. Start slowly shoot. And by the way, bandits must not go inside.

After shooting - Check how affairs at Florence

"Althoughwin the battle, Father was concerned. He said that you should dig an underground tunnel to run on it in the event of another attack. "

Once the battle is over, and you get a reward, the Father talk with you. So you have a choice: 1 - You like the idea (which will cost $ 200); 2 - The idea was too expensive. Select in the dialogue just you. In any case, go to the location called "neighbor's house." But I recommend to accept the offer of the Father.

The neighbor's house

"Parents of Florence did not survive the attack. You find her on the dead bodies. Florence went to your house. She every week brought the family home fresh flowers in memory. "

A stranger in an elegant suit comes to father and offers to buy the amulet. It brings good luck. Your father, though he did not believe, but still bought it. Soon the father bought a gold mining license, which was much better than the old. So you get a task, "dig for gold until the end of the license."

After a series of events, do not forget to enter in an icon of characters and move the new maps on the panel. In addition, pay your attention to the fact that you have a new partner - Florence. And pay your attention to the fact that you will now open new locations, including the new mines, where you can also get more gold.

Camp miners

"In the camp of Alexander Kane, mined gold using a washing trays. Kane had a vast knowledge of placer gold mining. "

At this point, you can improve (to study) skills that will allow you to earn a lot more gold in the mines. Conventionally, they can be called craft and all will be represented by three crafts: 1 - A simple technique of placer gold-coating (which will cost you $ 100, but it will increase gold production by 25%); 2 - Improved technique of placer gold-coating (which will cost you $ 200 now, but it will increase gold production by 50%); 3 - Maximum effective technique of placer gold-coating (which will cost you in the $ 300, but it will increase gold production by 75%). Pumped his craft or not - you decide. I recommend that you do this because the benefits will be noticeable.

Trading Outpost

At this point you will be able to trade, buy and sell things. Before you open a trade icon, where the left side - you, and the right - trader. To purchase or sale you need drag icons in the cell, "Offer." It is not difficult. Besides, there you can buy equipment and weapons useful things like tobacco and dried herbs.

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