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Walkthrough Hatred

Level 1 - House

After training you need arm and leave the house. First, you need to kill 50 people. To restore health perform finishing. You see three marks, you can do them in any order, and for their implementation you will receive a points of resurrection. Search home to find the cartridges.

Let's start and go to the right, when we come up to the mark, there will be a mission to destroy a funeral procession. We are deal with a crowd and the police. Then go to the next point, go to get the job that you crush the market. We clean spacious building.

The next task would be to spoil the party. Protect the house from the merry men (do not forget about the second floor), and the cops.

After these tasks will be the announcement that everyone is going to the police station. So we sit in the car and drive to the index. There will have to clean up the police station. Mission is harder first, because here it is full of armed enemies. Do not forget to use the grenades. First we go around the building in a circle, then the first floor and at the end of the second.

Now you can leave the area, after collecting all the supplies. We depart from the police into the sewer.

Level 2 - Sewerage

First you have to find a way out of the sewers. Get rid of the chase and go for the index. Pass the narrow corridors and find ourselves in a great location, there must be more careful. We go forward and stop at the ladder which is constantly down enemies.

In a room with a large fan again be stairs. When we turn from a narrow corridor to the right will have to deal with enemies. Exit the sewer to the pier and get a mission to destroy 80 people.

Go right and shoots all along the way. Immediately we get three markers on the map. First, we go right down and we clean the marina. Now we go to the next point and deal with hotel guests and cops.

The last point - the forest, then round up the hunters. Then you need to survive the raid the police and go to the train.

Level 3 - Train

We go through the cars and shoot passengers. Some of them may be armed. We pass the entire train and go out.

We go to the truck stop and deal with 80 opponents. We get three more jobs. First of all, we understand with guests of motel. Then we pass on and explodes petrol.

When the number of victims will be equal to 80 go to the bottom of the card and sit in the car of pecial forces.

Level 4 - Station

Again we have some jobs on the map - drive up to the first. We go in the building on the second floor and pull the lever, thereby will a train accident. Pass forward to a pistol icon. Here it is necessary to kill the arms dealers.

First we go around the building and then we clean the inside. Immediately pick up the flamethrower. Now kill before 100 victims. You can go to the station. Go to index and kill sixty guards of law and order.
Go to index and go into the city center.

Level 5 - Center

Here purely victims should be 150. The first disperse the crowd. Then we go to the coffee shop and destroy all there. Now go to the icon of a gun and shoot at the exhibition of arms. There will be guards and weapons.

We go to the bank and cash burn, after number of victims will enough come the soldiers and we deal with them. Then go to the index and go further.

Level 6 - Base

We clean the outside of the military base of the army car and only then go inside. We need to get the C4, but apart from that there are a couple of tasks. Perform in any order. C4 is in stock at the end of the base.

On the right side you need to deal with the sergeant-instructor. It is a well-protected building. And on the left you need to get close to the statue and blow it up with a grenade. After that, to achieve the desired number,and care and a military base.

Level 7 - Power

At a military car drive through the fortifications. We'll have to try to get inside the plant. We go down. Here it is necessary to place two explosive. The level is quite long and well-protected. After reaching the goals go in cinematography.

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