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Walkthrough 3

Walkthrough Haven Moon

Use the left and right mouse button to move - forward and backward, respectively. Move the mouse on the table to rotate. Click the left mouse button to interact with objects again. If you can interact with a subject or an object, the white point of the cursor will be green.

Upon arrival go to the stand, open it and read the note from the resident Menri. Go around the stand. Click on the handle of the open cover. You'll get it - this is the key.

Go down. There are three more places that you can visit. This is the building with a large letter "T".

HavenMoon 2016-07-12 12-03-59-94

There is another two-storey glass structure to the right of the building.

HavenMoon 2016-07-12 12-04-54-01

The building with the letter "T" is a transporter, which can be moved between the islands - base (Telescope Island), the island of Guns, and the island home Laboratory. So far, you can’t do that.

Finally, there is another track that left the building with a transporter. Follow the first two-storey glass structure. You will find two more notes and plan on the ground floor on the desk. Study them carefully.

HavenMoon 2016-07-12 12-05-18-20

Climb to the second floor and look at all the models.

Go down; go to the path to the river. Now, remote control of conveyor is inactive.

Closer to the river, you will see that the path splits. The path to the left leads to an empty pier. But there is a pole with some grip. The path to the right leads to a strange device at another pier. Follow it to the right. There is one big gate on the fence on the left, one middle valve on the device. Also, the device side can be omitted and the cover to see some measuring device with a lever. Pull the lever useless. First, turn the middle valve on the device itself to the huge blades fully submerged in water.

Next, you need turn the large valve so that the measuring device with a lever (and previously need lower the cover to see it) looked in your direction (toward the pass, by which you have come here.

HavenMoon 2016-07-12 12-11-04-65

Finally, pull the lever. It turns on. You will hear the characteristic noise of the working mechanism.

If you go to the left to the concrete wharf, it is possible to find a post with a small handle. The handle is in the horizontal position. Turn it to the vertical position. You will hear a strange countdown. What does it mean?

NOTE. Now, the remote control and the conveyor inside the cabin at the top of the island are active!

You need turn on the lighthouses, turn same knob on the concrete pier.

Go to the building with a conveyor ("T" letter). Leave the left arm on the BASE word and the right to set the LAB (Laboratory). Go inside the airship, and look upward. There should be a handle. Pull on it to go to the island Laboratories.

Lab Island

Go forward and see a closed door on the combination lock. You do not know the code.

Follow down here and activate the lighthouse. You will hear two sounds repetitive after a pause. Sound was a single at the first island. Then use the airship to return to the island of Telescope back.

Go to the two-story building, and follow to the second tier. Go on the balcony, look at the horizon, so that at one point to find the same island Laboratories.

You must understand the horizontal coordinates of the island. They allow you to find the code from the door of the laboratory on the island. Open the telescope, point it at the following coordinates:

Vertical 000 (it is responsible for the second indicator).

Horizontal 000 (another indicator). Tune the horizontal so that the telescope could see the flame.

The code of the door consists of a lighthouse and coordinates. Since the lighthouse gave two alternating signal and get the coordinates 000 in the telescope, the code is "2000".

Get back on the conveyor to the lab, and then open that same door with a combination lock. Go inside the building and take the key, which is located on the right side. Learn all messages are available here.

Activate the power (portals). Go back to the island of Telescope, then immediately line up the airship as follows: the left arm - Base, the right lever - Cannon. As you move to the island of Cannon.

Use the key, unlock the two doors. One door leads to the indicator of the power. It also has the power handle. Move to the observation deck, where there is a lever (it switches bridges). Use it to control the location of the bridge and gain access to the batteries.

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  • Reply
    Mark hasley
    Aug 05, 2016 6:56 pm

    Is that it? I am considering buying the game, mainly because it looks gorgeous. This walkthrough seems rather short. Does this cover theentire game?

    • Reply
      Aug 05, 2016 11:49 pm

      No. It’s 1/2 of the full game.

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn
    Aug 06, 2016 7:53 am

    Today we add full walkthrough

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