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Walkthrough Headlander

Walkthrough Headlander

Select a character and see an introductory video you. Use the keys A and D to move. Run through the door on the right side. Go through one more door. Along the way you can interact with the robot cleaner by pressing E.

Headlander 2016-07-26 12-06-09-68

The way forward is blocked in the spacious room. Press the key Q to cut off the head. Fly to the right, the red body of the robot. Click on the same key Q to attach to it a head. This is patrol red robot.

Go through the door, follow on. Use the left mouse button to fire a laser into the other door. So you confirm the red level of access. The door will open. Come on, fly to another body. Go into the room with a robot, aim at his head. Hit in the head twice, after which it will fly away. Now you can use this body. Destroy and the second robot.

Go to the bridge on the right to see a defense lasers. There are two enemies - those red robots.

New task. Find and disable security lasers.

Destroy the robot's head to the right on the bridge. Shoot enemy that is higher. Move the head on the right side of the robot. Go through the door. Separate the head and fly into the small hole above the door.

Headlander 2016-07-26 12-13-19-11

Then attach the head to the robot. Use rolls; press the key SPACE to move under the gate. Go to the gray body and push it down, press the key F. robot explode and destroy the other two opponents. Remove the head and fly through a similar hole at the top right.

Headlander 2016-07-26 12-15-37-59

Go down and see a locked door.

Fly up through the hole, and then click on Q, and to join the site. Here you get your first upgrade. Now you can use a vacuum pump to pull any objects. Go down; hold down the left mouse button to pull out the hatch.

There is the enemy in the room below. Fly up to his head, hold down the left mouse button and pull out it. Attach the head to the body of the robot. Shoot at the right gate; destroy robots 4-5 on the bridge. Go back down and go through the door on the left. Cut off the head, hold the left mouse button to release the slot in the control system, and then link up with it you. Press the E key to disable the lasers.

New task. Find the escape pods and leave this place.

Go back, move to the left side. Remove the head, fly up and join the controller. Press the E key to start the elevator. Go the robot, climb up on the elevator and go left. Soon you will go down to the bottom, where there will be a capsule. Fly head to the escape pod on the right. You find the sunroof on the right side of the shuttle, which you can open with the help of a vacuum pump. Hold down the left mouse button.

Headlander 2016-07-26 12-25-41-52

Go the rescue shuttle slot and press the E key to fly away from here.

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