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Walkthrough Heaven’s Hope


See introductory video and then talk to the Archangels. Thus, control of the game is standard for Point - & - click adventure. Click the left mouse button to move to the specified point. Click the left button of the mouse to interact with the interactive object. If you press and hold the SPACE key, then you highlight all active points on the map.

First, look at the roof of the house, located in the background. You should notice a golden hoop – it is a nimbus (halo) our hero. Try to take it by clicking on it once with the left mouse button, and then clicking again on the image "palm". As you know, the image is "palm" allows you to take an object, and the image "eyes" - to examine him.

Take a halo not easy. Look at the basket near the fence. Try to get an object in the basket, but you will have to attack a crow. Click on the crow and select "palm". Next will be a new icon - click it to scare crow. The bird flies away. Inspect the basket again and take away from it a piece of bread. You will see a dead mouse on the right. You automatically will take it to his inventory.

Remove the pamphlet on a tree on the right. Please note that at the bottom of the hollow there are some points of light in the trunk of the tree. Apply them on a piece of bread. You get bread with fireflies. It will be used by you as a flashlight. Previously, you could not go to the right, due to the fact that Tariel said that ahead of the pitch darkness. Now you can do it. Go right and find yourself on a farm.


Immediately pick up from the ground pebbles (stones). They are at the right edge of the screen. Go to the shed on the left, in the background, and click the rake, to try to take them. Tariel will take the upper part of the fork. In the inventory it will be signed by the rake. Select the inventory pebbles (stones) and apply to the halo on the roof. Aim and throw in a halo. Nimbus will fall down through the chimney inside the house. Click on the door of the house, talk to his boss and find yourself inside.

Living Room

Talk about everything from the master of the house, now you need to hide. Look at the chandelier from the candles. Click on the icon "lips" to blow out the candles. Then you hide on the chandelier. When the villain is gone, then again talk about everything with Bill.

Take from the table on the right side of the room and leave the cheese out. Bill will go after you.

Come out, immediately go back into Bill's house. Open the oven door, and then put down a pamphlet in the fireplace. Use the rake on the open oven door. Halo falls on the letter. Pick halo, and a pamphlet.

Go outside, apply a halo on Tariel and try to talk to St. Peter - statue with key on the left side of the screen. Talk about everything until the red icon appears. Click on it to tease the statue. Lightning strikes in the head of Tariel, but nothing works. In inventory, combine the rake and a halo, and then apply the resulting structure at Tariel. Again tease statue - the protagonist will be charged with a heavenly power.

Go back to the first location - field. In inventory, place the mouse cursor on a dead mouse. You will see a new icon. You can to relive dead bodies. Relive the mouse. The inventory will be a live mouse. Relive bogey on the left and talk to him about everything.

You need human clothes. It has to scarecrow. Scarecrow asks you to return his hat. The hat hangs on a tree branch above. Apply this hat a live mouse. Mouse throws headdress. Re-hang out with a bogey. Tariel will change clothes with him. Go back to the farm and try to go in the direction of the city that houses behind the Bill. Bill will communicate with you and this time will pass (you dressed).


Go right and you will see a huge tree. Go to the right you can see the bridge in the forest. Go to the right to get to the outskirts.


Talk to the dealer right about everything. As a result, you buy his gunpowder. Enter the city through the passage in the background.


Go all the way to the right, past the well and post with coals. The boy will sit on a ledge. Talk to him, in the end get him a slingshot, but will give luminous bread. From left to right there are a few passages. Walk step by step.

First, look at the laboratory, open the green door on the left side. Talk to the alchemist. Go outside and enter the church through the double doors in the background, between the well and the laboratory.


Talk to the priest. There are three ways in which you can walk through the church. There is the confessional on the left. It does not need you now. Return to the city center, because the two other routes you can’t use.

Enter the library through the red door to the right of the well. Talk to the librarian. There are several books on the shelves that you can take. It seems to be the same book, but their content is different. If you have any book, in conversation with the librarian it can be returned. You can carry only one book.

Walk along the path that leads into the screen and is between the laboratory and the church. There are two doors - blue and red. Go through the blue door and find yourself in a store of antiques. Talk to the merchant about everything and go outside. Enter the building with a red door and find yourself in a china shop. Talk to the peddler. Pick up from the floor bamboo branch. Apply the powder from inventory on a spider sitting in the tank (at the wall in the background). You will receive a wool of spider.

Talk with a man walking around on stilts and set fire to lampposts. Ask about everything and take matches.

Go into the alley between the church and the library. Enter the building on the left, to the tavern. In the tavern, you can chat with a stranger - a traveler, as well as with a woman behind the counter. After talking to her, try to pick up a bottle standing on the bar. The woman begins to swear. We need it in the future will somehow distract.

Walk more to the right and find yourself near the cemetery gate. Talk to gravedigger about everything. Apply a live mouse on the bell at the top right of the gate. Mouse climbs the bell. You click on the ground near the gate, where there is a rope. Bell will now not make a noise. Tariel find the ground of the cemetery and put it in your inventory.

Go back to the laboratory of Professor and talk to him. You have to convince him that you are an angel. First, drink a cup of poison red door. Then relive cactus next to a professor. Now everything can talk to him.

He will take you in the back room, where his invention. Talk on various topics. You need to break the law to persuade the boy to tell you about Greta.

But first go back to the outskirts of the city and follow past the trader with the right tent. Go through the location with more stones to the right and you will see the building, similar to a lighthouse. On the left wall of the building is growing grapes. Collect it in inventory.

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