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Walkthrough Hello Neighbor

If you do not know how to get into the basement or open locked doors, then you can get read our guide.

First of all, we will describe only the necessary actions for the fastest achievement of the main goal; we will solve the main puzzles.

Basic management in "Hello neighbor"

At the same time, there can be no more than four items in the inventory, but after you find a new object, it will shift the old one.

Hold down the E key to pick up any item. Next, you can pinch the RMB, aim and throw this object in any target.

Thrown objects can also be used to throw on a neighbor. For this reason, try to keep a bowling ball or even a cup that can be useful in a situation where your hero can not hide and you need to escape.

The study of the house in the first act "Hello neighbor"

Your goal at the beginning of the game is not to study all the rooms in the house. Use the boxes and climb to the roof, from where you can get to the top floor.

Open the cupboard under the stairs of your house to pick up the four boxes before you go to the neighbor's house.

Next, you can break the window of the second floor, and only then climb through the boxes. Take the ball or some other item from the main character's house, and then throw it in the window near the fence. After that you need use two boxes in the inventory and go to the yellow shelves on the left side of the front door.

Head to the top yellow shelf and set the two boxes on top of each other. Jump to the tower from the boxes, turn to the left and jump to the brown part of the roof nearby.

From here jump over the roof (canopy) over the porch of the house.

Move forward and jump over the white grill to the brown canopy in front of the window. Once inside the bedroom, throw a box or any other object on the picture with a flower near the door to open the secret passage.

Find the golden key in the violet hall located near the door, and then open this door. Find the keychain on the right side hanging on the wall, and take away the red key. This key will allow you to open the trunk on the red car.

Go back through the bedroom window, to the street, and go to the car. Unlock its trunk to pick up a magnet that allows you to steal metal objects while away from them.

With a magnet in your hand, take a few more boxes and go to the back of the house, where the staircase is (blocked by a fence of several boards). Look at the small open window, which is located high enough that it does not allow you to reach it without outside help. Place several boxes under the window so that you can climb them and look into the house.

You can also use a large box as a base and install two small boxes on top of each other. Unfortunately, you can’t yet use the magnet to pick up the wrench, but you can pick up the silver pick on the top of the shelf on the left hand (near the pots).

After you take the item, get through the open window to the side of the house (with a black wire inside) and open the door on the left side. You can use the master key to open the door to the left of the stairs in the corridor. This door leads to the pantry, from which you stole the master key.

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