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Walkthrough Heroes of the Monkey Tavern

Walkthrough Heroes of the Monkey Tavern

Level 1 (ground floor)


Create a new team. Move forward and open the door. Pull the lever. In the next room there will be two such doors - front and left. Open the door on the left and hit on all three boards. You will see a secret niche within which you will find armor and shield. Give them any hero.


Here is a map of ground floor:


Go through the other door. Ahead there is a locked door. Turn right until you reach the room with the snake statues. Pull the lever to the right. You will see a niche with a snake. Kill the snake. It is necessary to press the fists or a knife (if you found) to attack enemy. Pull another small niche health potion and a key.


Go back to the door to open it by the key (just click on the keyhole).

In the next hallway, you can go right or straight. Go right to find a niche in a potion of energy and clothing.

Go back and follow to another path. Go forward to the crossroad. Look left on next crossroad and you will see on the shelf hammer. Take a hammer and give it to any character. Use as a weapon to kill the appeared spider. Pull the lever in an alcove on the left to open the room.

Go back and do not go left and right. There are dead ends. But you can pull the palm of the torch on the right to open a secret passage. Take a hat and boots, and follow on. Go around the tiles where the bones lie. Go into the room and see the four levers. Three lever open niche with the enemy, but without subjects, and the fourth - the way to the stairs leading to the next level. If you do not want to fight, then pull the lever to the right of the inscription.

Level 2 (second floor)

Move forward and from the niche to the left, remove the knife and boots. Follow on. To the right is a dead end. At the next fork, go right to the grid. Open it and kill the two spiders. Take the sword and go to the other side. The doors are closed, and at the plate inscription reads: "The secret hides the stone." Locate one of the walls bulging stone. Click on it to open a niche with a lever. Lower the lever. You open a back passage.



At the next fork go right. Kill two snakes and take away from the niche viking’s helmet.



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