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Walkthrough HITMAN 2016

Walkthrough of game HITMAN 2016 appear on the site SHOWGAMER.COM IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE GAME RELEASE, 11 MARCH 2016.

You will play for the notorious Agent 47 in the new part of Hitman. He is at the peak of his career. You will be on top of the "food chain." You are the most dangerous predator. The gameplay does not deviate from its initial ideas; you will see a fierce and dynamic shooter with stealth elements.

In this game, Agent 47 is dominant in the field of contract killings. Agent 47 will need to eliminate multiple targets around the world with the support of Diana.

Each location of the game is something amazing. Any character, which you will find here, has own unique name, own history and significance to the plot. Players have freedom of action - you can choose where, when and how to eliminate the target. Only you can decide: whether to use brute force, or, maybe, it is necessary to do more attractive skills secretive assassin Agent 47.

The events of the game take place about a year. In several episodes, you have to deal with various personalities. And then you will find not less exciting finale where all the previous episodes are intertwined and form a single whole.

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