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Walkthrough Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak


In the main menu, choose the "Campaign" and start training. On the left side shows all your goals. Combine the two units by holding down the left mouse button and drag the frame so that the inside of the car appeared. Selected unit, right-click to give the order to move to a particular point.

Hold down the Shift key and select the two specified points. Graduated. Further hints are meaningless. Remember that the rail gun destroy armored vehicles, light armored rail guns kill and destroy light armored vehicles fighting vehicles.

The base Epsilon

Here's your first mission! After the opening cut scenes wait for the first job. Select the headquarters building and make getter resources. When it is built, select it and point to resources, marked with orange circles. Next, select the transport Rachel, select the repair and repair the cruiser on the right. In the upper right corner will be a line. Click on it to improve the production of light tanks. Then build three light combat vehicles. Highlight three war machines and destroy the three goals above, to the north, at the base. Click on the line "Starting Kapes."


Bone field 

Point two earner for resources. Cruiser support and C-Jet send repair four decommissioned machine. After their repair will go to the enemies. Save the heavy armored vehicles. When you see them, you can immediately select, select the smoke grenade and throw behind him. Send to the aid of allies. Next, select the base and build as much as possible light combat vehicles. Use accelerate their ability to rapidly approach the heavy rail guns.

Cape Wrath

Go with base deep into the Gates of Hell. When you see the resources that send them to the miners - one for each type of resource. You will see the additional assignment. Press the "tilde" (~), and improve the "Making of BBM." Build a couple of armored vehicles and move on. You will see the search zone. Soon start and cut-scene.

While Rachel collects data, you have to "break" and protect her, and the car and transport ship. Create as many techniques. When the scale is 100% full, you finish those remaining opponents.

Now it remains the most difficult - you have to destroy the transport ship Gaalsenov. You can perform additional tasks - pentagon orange on the map marked abandoned rail gun. Repair the cruiser of their support or machine Rachel C-Jet. When the cruiser is destroyed, the mission will end.

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