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Walkthrough Husk

Walkthrough Husk

A train

Turn around and take the purse from the table. Here, read the note from Matt (the father of the hero). Get out into the hallway, open the door, and go left. It will be possible to open the other two compartments. There is a bible on the table, and the other - a pack of cigarettes. You can only view it, but no more.

Go to the next car. Inside the toilet cubicle on the left (open the door), there is yo-yo on the floor. Go to the new car, where there is a dining room. Suddenly, the light is turned off. Go to the end of the car, start to open the door. Hold LMB and drag the table from right to left. There is the electrical shield in the new car, at the beginning of the right side. You need a key to access it. Go to the end of the car. There is the tool box right on the floor. You find the key. Take it. Open the shield and the switch two fuses: firstly, deactivated second from the top and then deactivated the second lower. The lights came back on.

Follow ahead through the cars until the accident happens.


Hold W, to stand. Go to the metal door on the right and move it. Follow along the road, over the bridge until you see a gas station. At a gas station you can go inside the building. Look for a flashlight on the shelves with goods. Click on two batteries, and then - on the cover. So you collect a flashlight. Replace the cap by dragging the mouse from left to right, holding the LMB.

Flashlight turns on and off by pressing F. Run down the road until the path will not block the train. Go to the right, until you see the way to the left. There is nothing inside the toilet, so go up to the entrance of the station building. Firstly, go through the white door on the right. Get up to the ladder and climb up. There is piece of paper on a table in the room on the right. There is a code combination - 4951. Remember it.

Go down to the main hall and on the opposite side find the elevator leading down. Follow the same direction and find the door to the left of the panel which is to enter the password. Enter 4951 and go to the parking lot.

Get out of here, go ahead and check out the snack bar on the right. Follow the bar and go in the smithy. There will be a closed door. There hangs a note to the left with the words: "the keys are under flower pots." Go to the main hall of snack bar. There is the same pot to the left of the front door. Look it and take the key.

Use the key to unlock the door from the kitchen to the street. Follow until you see black goo. Go in the right lane; turn to the right and you see the opening door on the left side. Go through it and go down the stairs and take the pipe from the table. Break off the lock by pipe. You need to double-click on the V to break.

Go into the only possible path until you see the enemy outside. Hold Left CTRL, to sit down. Follow the right, hide from the enemy behind the boxes. Enter the building. Walk through the laundry room and exit to the outside. Follow inside another building through the door at the end of the alley. Immediately enter the room on the left to pick up the key from the table.

There is broken elevator in the corridor. There is a room to the right. Go there and use found key. Pull down of the switch on the dashboard. Use the elevator and go up to the third floor and enter in the room across from the elevator. Take the cassette tape from the table. Insert it into the player in the next room on the left. You will need to click on the white button of the player, then - on the tape, and then - on the red button of the player. Also you have to rewind the tape by moving the mouse on the table from left to right while holding the LMB.

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