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Walkthrough In Fear I Trust

Walkthrough In Fear I Trust

Episode 1. The Awakening

Look around, move the mouse on the table. Pick up the recorder by clicking the left mouse button. Remove it by clicking the right mouse button. Activate the retro-vision, by clicking on the button R. Go to the luminous object, the left of which there is an inscription "Come here." You will find the lost memory. You can find them only in a retro-vision mode.

Hold down the left mouse button and swipe down to hide the recorder, but turn on the recording. Go to the grid and raise the wrench in a box behind it. Click the left mouse button on the cell door. Select the bolt and click on the key on the left to crank it up. Activate the retro-vision and see in which direction to move the valve. So do it.

Come out of the camera and go to the front of the room, where the silhouette of a man. Left there is a lift and a bar. It is necessary to disrupt the stamp to open the panel next to the buttons "up" and "down". You need a scalpel to do it. Find a note with the subject of the interview with "16" on the table with iron.

Go in further opening the camera and take away a note of one of the volunteers under his pillow., You need a key with fob to open the door of the next chamber.

Go down the stairs and take away the key from camera "2" and a diary of security chief from the table to the left. Open the door of the cell, located next door to yours. Click on the door and drag of the key cells. Turn it counter-clockwise. Find the knife in the sink and cut a rope on the wall of the lift. You will need to solve a puzzle and connect the top and bottom of the left input.

Combine and press the "down" button to go down the elevator.



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