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Walkthrough INFRA Part I

The company's office

After the opening cut scene, you will find yourself at a table with the director of your organization. Listen to the conversation. Click the left mouse button to switch slides. Even if you do not succeed, try something. Sooner or later the slide switch.

When Mark, the protagonist of the game, which you control, get up from the table, then leave the office and take the open door on the right. The door still holding the red toolbox. Walk through the office in advance. Do you see the narrow glass door? There is a panel to the left of it . Place the screen on the panel and press E. green light should come on. This means that the door can now be opened. Turn to the door, and then all on the same key instead of the E. If the green light lights up red, the door can not be opened.

Turn left and go out into the hall, where there are three elevators. Go forward and to the right. Follow through the door EXIT, which will lead you to the landing. Climb up to the floor above and walk down the hall. Go past three elevators and enter the office. Turn right at the first opportunity. In the depths of this office is the office of Mark confusion. Ahead is a table with the monitor. To the left of the monitor, there is another table with white sheets. Go to it and inspect the plates. One of them is a note, which is a list of items that need to take Mark with him before leaving: lantern, camera, hat (always forget) and the key at the reception.

There is a camera and some charm on the table next to that note. To the left of this table is a cabinet door which can be opened. Inside you will find two other things - a lantern and white helmet. Go back to the hall, where there are three elevators. Between the left and middle get a faint click. Call the elevator, sign in and click on the dial to select the first floor. Soon the elevator stops. Crouch, hold down CTRL. Look at the switches under the floor buttons on the wall on the left. Depending on what you're looking switches, will be allocated or that the tumblers. Set them all up so they were green. Then the elevator door open - exit through it.

Fold the corner to the right and go down the stairs to the first floor first. Walk down the hall and find the exit near the reception (reception desk). Talk to the girl at the computer and take a letter lying on the stand. Inside the envelope is the key. Go back to the landing and go down even lower to the floor "-1". Move to the underground parking. Find the two red jeep, standing in front of each other. Walk up to the door of the driver's seat of one of the jeeps and press E, to sit in the car brand. Watch the cut-scene.

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