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Walkthrough InnerSpace

Walkthrough InnerSpace


Set management settings (called "Card Management"), and then correct some assigned keys.

The control of the mouse is not touched, but you can invert the W and S.  It's easier for me that W is lifted the cartographer, and let S is lowered it.

Further, necessarily invert the pairs of keys Q-E and A-D !!! It is VERY uncomfortable to make turns on Q-E. It is much easier for turns A - left, D – right.

Hold the Shift key to fly in the air. Use "Space" where you need to break through walls or stones, or you are sure that you have set the correct trajectory of movement.


Here everything is quite simple. First, use the W and S keys to tilt the aircraft up and down. Then turn it to the right and left, then roll in these directions (if you changed the key combination). Then hold the LMB to focus and aim the aircraft on a white circle until it turns green.

Next, you need to increase or decrease the thrust on the "Space" and Shift, respectively. After that you dive into the water on the RMB, spring out of it. The arrow indicates the direction of the movement. Click on the RMB again to transform into the aircraft.

Finally, break a few stones, crash into them.


At the beginning of the game, talk to the Archaeologist on the submarine to learn about the story. Further fly to the specified place to pick up the first relic. You will need to click twice on the LMB after each such circle. After the first time you will be able to adjust the trajectory of the future flight. Take the relic, return to the station to transfer it to the Archaeologist.

The station

Leave it, fly a little. A message will appear that the Archaeologist has made a new update. Contact with the station and get the engine improved. The passage to the cave is opened - fly inside, stop at the next station and talk to the Archaeologist. Continue to the next station. The further way is blocked, but the Archaeologist will point to the golden cables.

The golden cables

Fly so that you pull them with your wings. Broke all three cables and you can leave the cave and find yourself in the first game world.

Walkthrough of InnerSpace (Part 2: Dawn Ark)

Look around. There are several cornices here and most of them are used simply to stop the Cartographer and choose the direction of the future movement. First, you need to collect all the white spheres. Some of them will lead you to the first wreck of the relic.

The first wreck of the relic

You will have to collect three such pieces. Next, look the cornice on the location, surrounded by a blue ring. Contact with it and learn a little story about the Ancients. You need to enter the menu via Esc to leave this cornice. But pay attention to the fact that when you will study the mountains, you can find golden ropes.


Golden ropes

Cut these ropes so that you can fly into the mountains. Move through this mountain, collect the second shard of the relic and make the way further through the walls. Be sure to go deep into the mountains to find the third piece of the relic. Only after this, leave the mountain and contact with the Archaeologist - a blue ring right next to the submarine.

He will install you a new update - the corps. Now the Cartographer can dive and swim underwater. Click on the RMB to hide the wings - the cartographer will fly down and fall into the water. You need to fly through the central hole, which is not so difficult to detect in the water. Go lower; you will see a cat-scene with the Sun-Fish. Three secret rooms will open.

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