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Walkthrough Inside 2016

Walkthrough Inside

The game is similar to the famous platformer Limbo, So, you control an unnamed character.


Study the controls. When you walk on the wooden log, then jump over the barricade. You will see a truck. The guards guard it. Try not to attract attention: less noise, running.


Move forward and you will see two other enemies. If you make the jump, then the guards will inspect the location, as it will attract their attention. Hide and wait, when they pass by you. If they see your character, then they caught him and stun. After the guards pass by you, you will learn to interact with objects. Throw down the faulty fridge and go to the other side. Do the same with wooden crate (when you jump down), and then move on the next track.


When you go down to the lake, you can see how someone is looking for something in the forest. When you notice after you begin to follow the dog. You have to accelerate and jump over the pit as fast as possible. When you jump with a wooden board, then try to run back and hide behind an object that you have not noticed.


Here you need to act very quickly. You need run away to escape. Hide behind the tree. You jump that you are not caught security guards. Hide behind the caravan, while not pass the guard. Go further and jump, where you will chase the guards. If you do not jump, then guard will shoot you.




Ahead will be a few dogs. They will haunt you. Jump into the water. Swim under water, to avoid detection. Soon you leave the forest and find yourself on a farm.


Go inside the barn: Climb the rope and climb through the window. You will see small yellow chicks. Go down and open the door. The chicks went inside.


Start the machine, then run into the end wall, and the chicks at this time should follow you. Run up to the switch and pull the lever; the chicks stuck inside the machine and push the box down. Leave the barn. Take a leap of faith, and then push the car forward with pigs. So, you can climb to the roof.


Move forward to complete the chapter. Jump over the wild boar, to avoid his attacks. It allow you to get inside the plant.

Secret. Swim to the left side on the lake and dive deeper. After underwater cave you swim in secret. We climb the hill, throe beam in the right hand side. Go on beam to the right platform. We see the device in the form of a ball with lights around. Take out the capsule to turn the ball (1).

Secret. Go to the cornfield (places where smaller plants). You stand a little left of this place. You find a hatch in the ground in the bush. Open it and down the stairs. There is an input device with three positions in the cave on the right front of the closed door. You need to find all the secret balls in the game and then you find out the password to it. You find the hatch in the cave on the left. Go in ventilation. There you will find the ball (2) in a separate room.

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