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Walkthrough Invention 2

Walkthrough Invention 2


Use the W, S, A, D to move. Move the mouse to look around. Key TAB - open inventory. Click on the left mouse button to eat a thing. Click the mouse wheel to throw the object.



You have three of the scale in the lower left corner of the screen. Red scale - stock of health, blue dial - stock of strength (reduced when you run), the green scale - satiety. Kits only increase health, while any food - and health and satiety.

Go down and see zombies outside. The door is locked. Move below. Clean the floor and search all lockers with three sections - black and white.


Inside you will find a chocolate, an apple and a key. By the way, press the button F to pick up objects and interact with them. Go back upstairs and open the door on the same key. Kill enemies and go to the elevator. Kill zombies and exit through the front door.


Go ahead, kill the enemies and pick up a machine gun from the car. On the other side there are two stores. In one of them you can find a bulletproof vest, a helmet and a new weapon - the Colt, a shotgun, an AK-47. You need to go to the end of location and right you find the entrance to the house. Go there, kill the enemies and climb into the apartment above. Jump through the hole in the wall and kill the enemies. Go into the alley to start downloading.

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