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Walkthrough Investigator

Walkthrough Investigator

Level 1

You find yourself on the dock after a long introductory movie and scene. Go ahead and look at the house on the right. Press the key F to interact with objects (doors, various objects). Inside you can view rotten fish.

Exit and follow the only path. There will be one more cut-scene. All the houses are locked; therefore you need to go to the end, where there is only one open house. Inside, go forward and interact with a sleeping bag.

Level 2

Go to the bathroom on the left and go to a standing man. Go back to the room and see that the door is opened. Go through it. Walk between the two cabinets in front and turn right.

Go ahead, get down on the C key to crawl under the drawers. Go a little further and climb over fallen logs, use the key "Space". When the spider falls down, then go straight and turn right. You find broken flashlight on the shelf.

Go and you will see a metal rod. Take it. Go forward between the two closets and open the door to go outside.

There is an open door on the left. You must climb over the grille. Do you see the table with a lantern on the right side? There hung a metal pipe on the wall. Find a cardboard box. There are two pieces at the location. Take one of them by pressing the F key and go to the table. Aim so as to lower the box to the table. To do this (throw the box), you must click on the left mouse button. So, if the box is on the table, then jump on the table itself, and then - on the box. Use the "Space" key. Climb on the metal pipe with the box, and move around the room, through the pipe. Jump behind the grille and follow the passage.

Go and close the, use the same metal rod. There is another passage on the right side, but it is closed. There is a hole to the left of the grille. You need to find a vent. Look the other way from this passage. There will be a fence, one part of which is broken and as it were "lies" on the wall. Get down and crawl under this part. Remove the valve with a grille on the right, go back and insert it into the hole. Turn the valve and crawl. Move forward and to the right of the train. So follow at the end, where you will again turn right. Soon you will see a stranger. See the cut-scene.

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