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Walkthrough Iris Fall

This game is built on the principle ofswitching between the main character and her shadow. Some areas you canovercome in the ordinary world, others in the world of shadows.

See the intro video, go down and click on the icon “eye” above the character. Such icons appear either on bright shining platforms or on dark ones if you are in shadow mode and want to exit it. Cover the abyss in the form of a shadow on the wall and leave it. Go down, the stairs will break.

First room

You need to go up in the form of a shadow, but you cannot do it, because the shadow is cut off by the light. There is a device in the foreground, and a part of the pipe is missing on its left side. In normal mode, go to the left side of the room, switch to the shade and climb the wall to the ledge in the left far corner. In normal mode, take the pipe.

Go back and reinstall the pipe:

Second room with a big eye and dolls

In the second room, look at the scene with a big eye. There are two hooks. Use it to hang the dolls. The light will turn on. Go to the swing on the left, pull out the gear from the right side and set it to the left to tilt the object. Switch to shadow mode and go up the wall. By staying in the shade, take the doll.

Go back and go to the mechanisms on the right. Stand next to the three buttons and press them to configure the devices. Move the collapsible ladder to the far right position, and the other two to the leftmost position. Switch to the shadow and climb the wall to the top, then go into normal mode and take the doll.

You have two dolls in inventory. Go to the scene and interact with it. Place the princess doll on the left hook, and the prince on the right. Turn all parts of the body so that the prince and princess look at each other. If everything is done correctly, the door will open, and you can go on.

Room with a high blockage and a hole in the roof

Immediately go to the glowing book and switch to the shadow. Run to the tree on the right wall and pick up the steering wheel, and then go back. Go deep into the room and apply the wheel to the empty space of a cabin. The door will open and you will see broken lines on the right side and pieces of wires for connecting them on the left. Drag the pieces of wires on the seats so as to connect the broken line. Then press the button to turn on the electricity.

So you will need to repeat with two broken lines, and the correct combination is shown in the screenshot below:

Do this and take the object, switch to the shadow and go up.

Gear room

Follow the only path to the light on the wall. Here will be the first device on which you can install the pipe from the previous location. You do not need it. Go further to the right and see another device. Install the pipe on it and use the lever to turn it further. This device due to the light reflects on both spots. Now go to the destroyed stairs, switch to the shade and rise higher.

Upstairs you will have to turn the stairs. At the first mechanism you need double-click on the button with a circular rotation horizontally, and then go up.

Go to another device and turn the stairs three times already horizontally in a circle.

Go down and get to the third mechanism. Now use a shadow so as to connect with the book a horizontal straight line and a ladder going up:

Next switch to the shadow of the book, go upstairs and return to the usual form. Follow the steps and watch the video.

To be continued ... (write us in thecomments if you need to continue the article)


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