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Walkthrough Just Cause 3

Welcome Home

Your first goal in Just Cause 3 is to protect aircraft from missiles "ground-air". Take a pistol in hand, determines the location of missile batteries on the ground, guide by a white box, and shoot them. Ammo are an unlimited amount, but remember that you need some time to recharge.

After a few minutes will be an enemy aircraft. Do not worry about anything, because you have to crash. Try to land as close as possible to the cave. When the icon of the parachute appears, then expand and move to the side of the cave. Mario will be close to you, and you will hear a signal for help. Move to his position and take the grenade on the ground.

Use the hook to climb to the top of the cave. You have to move to the yellow marker. When you are on top, help Mario to deal with enemies. Mario must to survive in the battle. Do not forget to look after your health. After another cut scene jump in the truck and go to the side of the rebels. When you reach the checkpoint soldiers, then go straight through it, hide from enemies. Once you arrive to the goal, then kill the enemies. Look another short cut-scene, and then jump in a helicopter and fly to the next target on the map.

You need to land the helicopter on the Rebel base, or to jump on a parachute and then kill all the soldiers in the red dress. Try not shoot into the men in blue robes, as they are on your side. You must save their lives, that they help in the fight. Climb to the top of the tower where is the next goal, and take a gun. Take a look at the dirt road that leads to the base and kill all the enemies. There are a number of enemies that will come from the flanks, but the core group will move to the center.

When you see flying enemy helicopter, then destroy it as soon as possible. Keep shoot until you not see another cut-scene. Move to the next marker on the map to start the second story missions under the title "Time to improve."

Time for an Upgrade

Follow the instructions of Dima, and then meet with her again, use your own methods of struggle on the way to your destination. After another cut-scene test your push skills, move one of the barrels to the nearest fence. You can also bind the fuel cans with each other to cause some explosions.

When you meet again with Dima, you get Wing-suit. Fly down the cliff to learn new skills, and soar toward the bridge. Place two sets of GE-64 on the bridge, to the positions that were marked. Then move to the next marker on the bridge and wait for the appearance of the convoy of opponents. When the enemy cars will be on the bridge, then blow up the GE-64 to quickly destroy the convoy.

Climb down from the cliff to the specified location and break the two batteries. On location there will be opponents, but you can avoid them if you want to save ammunition. Or just destroy them all. After breaking both batteries use them to destroy the helicopters that attack you. Talk with Dima and Mario again. Follow to the new marker, where will end the mission of the storyline. On location will be available two additional rescue operations that you can perform right now.

In the story move to the new marker on the map.

Mario’s Rebel Drops

Move to the next control point on the map to find the car, which you said Mario. Open the map and check the garage. Bring a vehicle in the garage and you save it from itself. Thus, drive the car into the garage and park in any blue circle to save it. Take a look at the neighboring box, select "The transfer" from the pop-up menu. Ask vehicles, weapons and so on. And then wait until you bring them to Mario. Before you can continue the walkthrough, you need to complete the liberation of Bahia. Once this is done, you will hear a phone call from Sheldon. Move to the marker on the map to start the next mission - "A terrible reaction".

A Terrible Reaction

Your need destroy the three tanks. Use parachute to jump down to the city, but at the same time a safe distance from it. Remember that using a rocket launcher, you can destroy tanks from the far distance. It is simplifies the implementation of the mission. Destroy all three tanks, and then go into town, follow for Mario. Stay in shelters and kill soldiers. You have to get to the edge of the roof to kill the enemies below. But if you need some time to recuperate, then just run off back to the center of the roof.

Again, you have to save Mario. Opponents can not kill him with one shot, but if the level of health is too low, you will need to be more aggressive and destroy enemies. If you need more weapons, just jump to the ground and search the green boxes. Once you kill a large number of enemy you will see reinforcements by parachute. Try to kill them before they descend to earth. You can also blow up the huge fuel tank, over which fly opponents to destroy them all at once.

When the escape route will be blocked by gates, tighten them to the top, to clear the way. Move to the back of the truck and make sure that the rebels out of the city in safety. Soon will attack from above: use the hook, climb on the combat helicopter, throw the pilot off and use the aircraft to destroy all the remaining opponents. Destroy vehicles and other objects of the enemy, to simplify the task. After Mario escape, the quest will be completed. When you're ready to move on to the next story mission (With friends), then move to the south of Soros that to the southwest of your current position.

Friends Like Thes

After the movie talk to Mario and meet with Dima. You need to find the contract. When the mission starts, move to the river to the boat to find a friend of Mario. Untie the boat and pull it out of the water. Then you need move to the place near Manaea. Use the fast moving into this place, to complete the mission. To start a new job "№ conflict interests " follow the north Manaea.

Conflicting Interests

Go the bank and talk to Ray to start the mission. You need to find a military base and to determine the location of the scanner. Take a boat to the specified location and get ready for battle in the village. Pay attention to the laser beams from the sniper rifles. These opponents shoot at you immediately as soon as the beam will induce. Do not rapidly run into deep of the city, because there are a lot of enemies, and they are easily able to surround you. Try to kill the enemies of each group one by one, slowly and deliberately move through settlement.

Go to the shipping container to find the scanner. Even without destroying all the enemies you can get the scanner. If you hurry, then climb to the top of the container and set the explosives. Stand back and blow it. Climb inside and find the scanner. When you have a scanner, then move to the Sima Leon in the west. If you want to move in the sky, it must fly at low altitude, because this place is serious enough air defense. When you reach your destination, then go up to the grid, set the scanner and check the cut-scene.

After the cut-scene go down into the valley and take the scanner. Then, talk to Sheldon in the cafe "Francesca" in the south Fortalessy. Deal with the enemies and talk to Sheldon in the city center. Give him a scanner to complete the mission. If you have the liberated territory, you can immediately talk to Sheldon again to start the storyline mission "Secret Vis Elektra."

The Secret of Vis Electra

You must free large area before you can start the next mission. Once this is done, move on to the power station on the northwest side of Vis Electra. After a video move on the luminous channels in the rocks in front, and then climb up the rocks to the next accumulation of cables. When you will go up, then get the lines on the other side of the square. Use the hook to go down the big hill. Cables will go into the water, and appear on the other side. When you finally see the patrol boat, then go down to the ground to the checkpoint and destroy the boat, and the military.

Go to the object and move to the next marker on the map, which points to the underground entrance. Swim through the entrance and follow the cave ahead. Ignore the people in the next room. Ahead will be a gate, they block the path. Crack the control panel to continue the journey. Clean everything that is connected to the node power supply use explosives or other weapons. There will be a few enemies, which you may need to kill, so be prepared for a little battle. When you destroy the power plant unit, then leave it to complete the mission. Move to northwest to find a new mission of "betrayal" and continue the story.

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