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Walkthrough Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Unexpected guests

Review the introductory video. Select those phrases that indicate the desired skills in conversation with the mother. By default, the character has all skills equal to one - you can increase one of them by two points (or two by one).

Immediately recommend to open the magazine by pressing the J key. Familiarize yourself with some elements of the game mechanics. Go to the "Code" section and select the most recent tab - "Training".

As the level increases, you will receive points of performance. There is a plus sign opposite each main attribute. Click on it and see the available skills associated with the attribute. Increasing the attribute, you get a point of skill, which is spent on the purchase of these skills.

Eat soup in a pot in the fire, collect apples and other food and leave the house. Talk to your father. Here you will first learn about the skills of persuasion and what influences success. In this case, select the phrase associated with the noble status. You will receive several new goals from your father - to take money from the debtor Kunesh, buy them coal and beer, as well as pick up the cross for the sword from the castle.

Go to the city and you will see your friends near the inn. Talk to them and make a decision - to help them or not. This is not necessarily an action, but if you want to help, then you go for the guys. You will have a talk with them about the house of the German, then - with his wife. Soon you will see Hans, the son of the German. So you take part in the first battle.

Go to the enemy and strike by LMB. Place the block on Q, and press F to kick. The movements in the battle are slow, so they are easy to wiggle and dodge. Then run away with your friends. Go to point F, to the house of Kunesh, where they will wait for you. Talk to them to complete an additional goal.

Communicate with Kunesh. There are several options. Go to the house of Kunesh, where he colts firewood. Go to the room on the right and examine the chest under the window. A new goal will appear - go back to Fritzek, one of your friends (they will stay near Kunesh's house or search for them at the inn), and ask for a master key.

Return to Kunesh's house and start hacking, holding E. First move the slider so that the gray ball inside turns into gold. Then hold D. The mechanism will start to rotate and you must move the master key parallel to its movement so that the ball remains golden. Take the tool and nails from the trunk, go to the log. Steal the ax.

Go to the tavern and see the charcoal assistant. Sell ​​him stolen items; add a few apples and other products to them to buy 10 bags of coal. After that, talk to the nearby fencer Vanek. Agree to start the training, follow it and confirm the desire in the re-dialogue.

First, run away from him. Next you strike by LMB. Then, stab thrust on the PCM. Use the hint - strike the first blow, and then click LMB or PMB when your weapon touches Wanek.

Go to the inn and talk to Blanka. Buy a beer from her, and then go back to your father and talk about everything. See the long cut scene. When Teresa comes, then look into the house and get a nail. There are other things lying there - take them too.

Give the nails to Teresa and watch another cat-scene with bloodthirsty events.


Run along the path, go down and see the horses. Do not stop, otherwise you will be caught up and killed. Also, several thieves will try to get into the house on the right. You can not do anything. Jump on the horse and gallop; use a double tap and then holding down the left Shift.

Go to the village, watch the cutscene. You can look around, crack the chests and steal some things. Go downstairs and talk with Mrs. Borek. Go after him to the kitchen, talk to the Pani and take all the food from the table. Eat lentil mashed potatoes and a few other products to satisfy hunger through the inventory.

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