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Walkthrough 4

Walkthrough Kona

Walkthrough Kona

Full walkthrough

The Rest Stop

Drive forward (hold the W key). Get to the blocked bridge where the protagonist leaves his car.

Examine the closed gate on the wooden bridge. There is a lock that holds the chain. You need bolt cutter.

You can read a brochure on the wall in the booth to the left. Climb to the tower and open the chest. Take a pincer and fire starter.

Go down and open the garbage can near. Take the empty bottle.

Go back to the barrier and hold down the E key to cut the chain. Drive ahead until you have an accident.

A few hours later

Wake up, turn around and go the other car. Open the trunk and take the first aid kit. Open the car door and take locked iron box from the seat. Take Isabelle Photo from the glovebox.

Open the map. Your location is indicated on it.

South Atamipek

Nearby there is another tower. Move in that direction, but you will meet the house on the way. This is the Atamipek camp. There is wood near the house to the left. Take one log and go inside. If you will be in the cold long, then you freeze and die. Periodically you need to warm yourself by the fire. Inside the house there is a stove in the far left corner. Go to it and hold down the E key, if you have a match, fire starter and firewood.

In any case, there are firewood on the street and 6 matches on the table. Also, there is 1 fire starter.

Wait until the hero warms up (the red icon in the upper left corner with the image of the fire must be full). From the table take the chains.

You can set fire on the street:

Go back to Carl's car. Apply the chain to the rear right wheel. Open the inventory. Find the first-aid kit in the Consumables section. Apply it to yourself. Carl is ready to go. Get in the car and drive forward to the next point - the general store and refueling.

The General Store

Go around right and see a strange bunch of blue crystals. Take a picture and take the photo.

There will be new entries in the journal. Foul the wolves (dogs). There is a generator to the left. Look at it. You need scissors and scotch tape to repair it. Go the tank near which there were dogs. Open the lid and take the note.

By the way, you can get a fire starter from the trunk of your pickup truck.

Go inside the store and look around. There is electricity. There is the body on the right. Study, take a photo and save the photo.

Cover the body with a blanket. In the far right side there are three fire starters on the shelves. There is another note on the table to the left of the mailboxes. Remove the brochure and study it.

Go behind the bar. The light will turn off. Turn on the flashlight with the F key. There are several boxes behind the seller's bar. Open them and take the note, the duct tape, and the garage key.

Another note is to the right of the cash register. Inspect the cash register and knock out any numbers, then press the SALE button. It will open. Take post key.

Turn around and interact with the stairs. It will move, and you will see a first aid kit on the shelf. Take it, go to the stairs and go up. Take the bottle of wine.

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