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Walkthrough Krai Mira

Walkthrough Krai Mira

Download the game. Move to the right and look at the dead body in the water. Go on; direct one's attention to the mini-map in the bottom of the screen. Look at the dying man, talk to him and move forward. Soon you will see a soldier. Talk to the officer in red beret.

Goal. Get on the raft to a quiet bay.

Go back and talk to Cepha. He stands near the raft. Click on a raft to move the ship of Alma. Talk with Alma.

Goal. Get to the Vorstadt.

Walk through the fishing boat to the right on the bridge. In the village you need to talk with the person and follow the lower right corner of the map, where there will be an arrow. Use this place to go to the new location.

Walk location; destroy opponents - thugs and dogs. You can’t associate with them; wait until your partners kill enemies. You need to go to the upper left corner of the map, to get to the new location.

Talk with a raccoon. He will say that you need go to train. But you need 100 nuts. Search the pile of near Raccoon to find nuts. I find 87 pieces. And this is still not enough.

Go a little higher and see Knur - a man in a mask. Talk to him about everything. You can agree to pay 100 nuts, and you can fight him. In addition there are two enemies. You win, but you can lose one person from the group. Anyway, kill enemies, search their bodies. In addition you look for weapons and a few nuts. Go back to Raccoon and tell that solved the problem.

Goal. Talk to the commandant of the Fort.

Go up through the huge gates. Then go to the building on the left side, on the fenced territory. There will still be one or two guards. Go inside and talk to the commander - a man in a big blue hat. Agree to find recruits and weapons.

Goal. Explore the quiet bay.

Return to the trolley. Walk along the paths down. Go to the edge of the location, pay attention to the map that appears on the right edge of the screen, above the image of a backpack. Click on it.

You will see a map of the world. Find the icon above and to the right Quiet Bay. This is a quiet bay. Navigate there. Along the way you can stop and ask, attack or escape from mutated vagrants and other vermin. Do not forget to equip ourselves with weapons.

Go to the Bay, go ahead and talk to the dog Rudy. Now it will be your team. Walk around until your goal is not to become "white" (when the job is active, it is green). Soon, the goal will change.

Goal. Talk to the commandant of the Fort.

Return to Forshtadt and again talk to the commandant. Available he is only from 8:00 to 20:00.

Goal. Collect information.

Go to the bar. Entrance to the bar is on the painted wall. There is still the commandant's house on the left side. So move inside the bar at the very end. There is a secret room with a man in a red shirt and his bodyguards. Talk to him and agree to do the job.

Goal. Talk to Fes.

Ambrodi requests to find Fes. You need give him the first and final warning. Exit to the world map and go diagonally to the right and down. There you should see a location called Scrapper. There and move.

Go up and to the left and talk to the man in the hat - it's Fes. Talk with him.

Agree to help him.

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