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Walkthrough Krampus

Walkthrough Krampus

Have a look at the management:

The keys W, S, A, D are used for movement. The SHIFT key - running. Key E - interact with any object. P.S. If you approach to the subject and it changes its color (highlighted), you can interact with it. Otherwise - not.

In the courtyard


Make a snowman.     Start the generator.     To clear the snow from the gate.

There is a generator under the wooden arch on the left. You have not enough fuel. Ahead you see the gate, covered with a pile of snow. Go to them. Go left and right of the gate of the fence, to find two lump of snow from the snowman.

Go in the reverse direction toward the entrance to the house. Open the door left of the house, in the back room. From the table take away the head of a snowman. Inspect all cartons to find a canister of fuel. Go to the generator and interact with it to light all the bulbs. Go to the main entrance of the house. Turn right as the main character does not say that he had found the perfect place for a snowman. Click on the E, to confirm its location. This is possible only after you collect all three parts - two snowballs and head. There is a shovel Next to the snowman.


Take a shovel and go to the pile of snow at the gate. Interact with it to clear the gate.

Now you can go inside the house.

Inside the house


    Collect all the toys - 7 pieces.     Write a letter to the wishes and put under the Christmas tree.     Drink milk, eat cake and go to bed.

Pick a skateboard on left side of the burning fireplace (1/7). Take toy gun with a chair (2/7). Stand with your back to the fire and go through the door on left. Take a pencil on bathroom sink. Move the curtain in the bathroom and take toy duck (3/7). Under the sink, where you find a pencil, find a toy airplane (4/7).

Go to the kitchen through a door in another part of the house. In the cupboard on left you get the Rubik's Cube among the dishes (5/7). Climb up and go through the door on the right, in the children's bedroom. Collect teddy bear (6/7) from the bed and on the floor behind the bed - the ball (7/7).

Open the cabinet to right of the bed and get a clean sheet. If you have a pencil and this sheet, you will automatically send an email. Just go to the New Year tree, and then your character will automatically put under it a letter.

In the kitchen, drink milk from the packaging on the shelves to left of the refrigerator. From the refrigerator, remove the cake - sponge cake. Go upstairs to the bedroom; go to bed to sleep automatically.

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