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Walkthrough Kursk

12 August


After loading, look around: read the note on the table and look in the cabinet to the right to find a game console in the box, among other things. You can control the submarine using the A and D keys to move left and right. Click on the "Space" to shoot. Anyway, as soon as you lose, there will be an explosion.

Try to open the door of the room, but nothing will come out. There is a sink to her right of that door. Look down and to the right to find the cardboard. Take it, pick up the stapler from the floor (in the center of the room), then close the ventilation next to the bunk beds (left). Try to open the door. Tear down the pipe sticking out of the ceiling next to it. Chat with a man and start a new download.


Walkthrough Kursk: August 9, Moscow

In the room, study different objects - shoes on the floor, a glass on the windowsill, a diskette with Flashout 3. Interact with the remote control to view the news, and then answer the phone call. The phone is located to the left of the bed, on a small table near the wall. Next, go to the exit and look in the closet to the left of it to find a safe. Enter the code, take the PDA and interact with the case on the table. Familiarize yourself with all the files — a photo, a text document, a video, and another photo. The episode will be completed.


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