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Walkthrough Kyurinaga’s Revenge

Level 1. The Hidden Fortress

There are four different levels of difficulty in the game. More:

  • Easy level. For a samurai with a little experience in platformers. There are more checkpoints and endless life.
  • The normal level. For all of the samurai. There are fewer checkpoints and limited life.
  • Difficult level. For experienced samurai. There are low levels of checkpoints, and a small number of lives.
  • Impossible level (Inferno). For true followers of the teachings of "Bushido". In this mode you always start with the first level, you can’t save the current progress at any moment and you have only one life to complete the game.

Note. If you want to unlock the final difficulty, you have to get the game on the "difficult level."

You can pass the game together. If you play one, you need to press the SPACE key and then - Enter on the keyboard.

Tip №1. Compass shows you which way is your partner.

Go right. This is training level. Use the SPACE key to jump. Press SPACE again, while in the air to make a double jump. Jump on the rocks in the river bed. Hit the drums by pressing the CTRL key. Jump up, collect coins. Jump right over the abyss with spikes. Jump to the yellow statue and click on E, to raise the flag and activate the checkpoint. So you can save the game in the first three levels of difficulty.

Press the TAB key to switch between the characters. Jump up the platforms left. Jump into the trees with the latest platform to find the first scroll.

Push the box right. You need to press the left SHIFT and go to the box, hold the movement key to move it. Jump on the logs. Jump over the rotating hemp with thorns, use a double jump.

Push the drawer can only yellow character!

Follow on. You can collect blue objects, but it must be done for a limited time. But this object does not affect anything.

Soon you will learn that it is a green character. Switch to him. Hold the arrow key direction "up", "right" or "down." You will see the aim. Press Shift, to throw a knife in the selected direction.

You need to throw a knife at three targets on the right. At the same time you can carry no more than three blades. If they have run out, go left, to the plate with the tips. In the background there is a box of ammunition.

Jump higher, pre-activating the checkpoint and cross the bridge. You will need to activate the five targets in a certain order. If shot at the correct target, it will be highlighted in green. So, here's the correct sequence: the average target, the right target and middle, left of the medium target, the extreme right and extreme left target.

Jump right on the logs. Fall down, where there will be a box of ammunition; go left to find the coins and the second roll into the log (secret).

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