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Walkthrough Lara Croft GO

Level 1: The forgotten path

Go up and right. Go down, go right and take the first part of the Gilded Skull (1/4) from the jug. Go down and go to the luminous dots to complete the first part.

Climb up to the left and pull the lever. So you open the bridge. Cross the bridge, you will see three levers. First, pull the lever right. Then, go to the nearest the lever and pull it. Go back to the first lever and pull it again. With these actions you will get to the top (left) arm. Pull him and lift the bridge. Go across the bridge and leave the location.

Go ahead and get up at the crack. The next time you find yourself in it, the pit is formed, through which you fall down. Go left. Climb up and pull the lever. Go down and go on the bridge.

Climb up and pull the other lever! If you go back down the same path, then fall down into the pit. Therefore it is necessary to come down from the lever and climb on the wall left. Leave level.

Follow the path and climb up the wall. Move the lever to lower the yellow wall. Climb the yellow wall and climb right to the top of the two levers. As you will move the bridge from below. Climb back to the left. You fall down, but now there is a bridge. Lara will not die. There is the pitcher below the screen. Click on it to take the quartz (1/6). Climb to the yellow lever and move it. Climb to the left and follow-up. Leave the location.

Go ahead, take the green key. Apply it on the wall ahead. We need to find two more keys to go further. Fold in the formed passage to the left.


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