Walkthrough Layers of Fear 2
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Walkthrough Layers of Fear 2

Complete the prologue of the game until you find yourself in your room. Notes do not belong to the number of collectibles, like many other items, so we will not indicate their location. However, we will tell you where to find all the records for the projector, recordings for the gramophone and posters.

How to Find All Slides, Posters & All Phonograph Interview in Layers of Fear 2

Chapter 1

Climb up and open the door. Start the projector, and then go outside. Follow the only way, through the dining room, deck, lower the two handles and go inside. Call the elevator and go down. Pull the lever again if it stops. Go on, take the key from the fan table and open the door behind you. Continue to the radio room and study the headphones with a microphone. Get out (the rooms have changed).

Go to the door on the right in the corridor with numerous cabins. Follow the room on the right hand. There is no wall. You will find slide in the cabinet. Keep moving, go through the same room three times and find yourself in a room with a globe. Turn it, look at the door, turn the globe again and look at the other door. Wait, and then turn the globe a third time to see where to go next.

When you hit the door with a coded lock, examine the dressing in the cage. The ceiling will collapse, and you will see the code – 942 at the top. Enter it and follow further. Pull the lever to start the platform with the dummy to rotate. Go to the other side and pull the second lever to stop the platform. They can also run it. You need to pick a moment for the white outline on the platform to be under the hanging chair. Then lower the seat by pressing the button.

In the next room with the mannequins, go up the hill to the left and remove the poster. Keep moving, examine all the doors and find the open one. Take the first Phonograph Interview from the pedestal in the table (in the room with several bunk beds).

Continue, turn the steering wheel on the ship and go down. Go to another part of the hold, pick up the key from the white cross and get out. Ring the bell and continue. Get to the dead-end room, expand the board. It says you need to be ready to go back. So do - go back.

Pull the lever and run through the corridors, hide from the light. There is a second poster on the wall to the right in the next room (like a small office with one table). Go on, run past the light, and hide in a niche on the side. Follow through the wall and open the door to the room with the safe. Before that you could find a note with a code in the narrow passage to the right of the massive door. Rotate the dial on the safe clockwise to 10, release the LMB, then rotate counterclockwise to 80, and then clockwise to 40. Take the seashell.

After that, go to the room in front and enter the next room. In the table on the right, there is the second slide in the drawer. In the room with the projector, switch frames to see the door. Come and open it. When you crawl through the wall, find the third poster in the corridor on the left side. Use the lever on the left and pick up the lowered key from the burnt dummy. Take the bullet from the dummy behind the wall, through the round hole, and then shoot at one of the two dummies.

Keep going. If you are at a dead end, you need to go back to detect the wall that appears, and then go ahead. It is about a dummy and a table with a fan. Follow on, go down and go through the hold. The path blocks the load: lift it by pulling the lever on the left.

When the monster starts to appear from the wall, then run away from it. Close the sliding door behind you and inspect the hammer. Keep running and close the door again when you are in a dark room. Get into the next room and pick up the film.

Chapter 2

Run a new film in the dressing room. Go ahead and take the camera off the table twice. Go to another room, pull out the wire and plug it into the socket on the right. Click the button. Follow through the ship. Use the valve to block the flow of steam. After it, bend down so that you can sneak under the pipe on your right hand and find the third slide. When you come across a monster, then hide in the room on the right and close the door by turning the valve. Do not let it go so that the monster does not fall inside.

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