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Walkthrough Layers of Fear: Inheritance

Walkthrough Layers of Fear: Inheritance

Go down to the basement. There are ghosts. Go back upstairs and go back to the room with a mousetrap. The door is on the right side of the stairs to the second floor. Pick up and look at drawing with mousetraps on the floor.

Exit and go to the kitchen. Go near to the far door to start the next memory. Open the door to the kitchen and utility room on the wall, remove the next drawing, on which the father holds the dog next to the crying girl.

Climb to the second floor and go to the right, along a narrow corridor. Ahead there is the door (to the right is the other). There is a stand near the door. You see the drawing with a girl who looks at the door.

The door ahead will be closed, but you can go into the room through a door located on the right hand. Go to the gramophone and look it to start the memory. Turn around on the bed and open the platinum cabinet. Inside you will find the drawing on the bed.

Now go to the left side of the stairs in the open doorway. So you go into the operating room (library). Come to the table near the fireplace over which hangs a picture. This starts the memory.

This time you control a little girl. Go left and open the door to get into the hall. Go through the other door. The door is locked. Turn around and try to go back, but this door is locked. Try a second time go through the door behind you. At this time successfully!

Look at the notes on the piano, and then click on the keys themselves. Play until you hear the voice of a furious father. Repeat. Mother says that the girl brought her chalks. Watch the piano, turn right, go forward and turn right. Right there is a stand with two doors. Open the left door. Go back to the piano and you'll see colorful figures. Furthermore, the piano keys are colored in the same color. Play a melody.

Continued text walkthrough Layers of Fear: Inheritance will be added later.

In the meantime you can see video walkthrough Layers of Fear: Inheritance from the link below:


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