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Walkthrough 3

Walkthrough Layers of Fear



Look around. To move, use the keys W, S, A, D. The left mouse button is to interact with objects. Right mouse button - zoom in objects that you take into your hands. To accelerate - hold down the Shift key.

Go to the front door, move the white dot on the center of the screen on the door and hold down the left mouse button. So you grab the door. Now move the mouse to the left side to open the door. There are several doors on the ground floor. The door to the right leads to the kitchen. There is a door to the pantry in the kitchen. The door on the left is locked, where there are traces of paint and the note. Behind it is the artist's studio, but so far that it can’t get you.

The door near the studio leads into the basement. At the end of the basement, there is another door but it was locked. Finally, there is another door leading to the bathroom. In the hall, in the lobby and other areas, you can open tables, study the different notes. To do this, as it were optional, but recommended if you want to know about the artist as much information as possible.

Climb the stairs in the hall to the second floor. There is a grand piano. You can play on it. After a few keystrokes piano closes. There is an office on the second floor, which is the noise. Go through it. Left in the study are more shelves with books. Come to the table and find the note and key. Click on the key to pick it up. The presence of any object in the inventory shows its image in the lower right corner of the screen.

Also, there are two locked doors on the second floor, children's room and another room. You can explore them. Go back down to the first floor and open the door key with traces of paint and the note. Go to the workshop. Learn everything here. In the end, pull the sheet on the easel to look at the big picture. There will something sinister.

Episode 1. Canvas

Come out of the artist's studio, and you'll see that you were in a completely different place. Walk through the front door to get into an unfamiliar room.


Go to at the open window and read the inscription on the fence behind him. Soon the window will close. Go back to the door, through which you have come, open it and you will see a totally different corridor. Follow the corridor to the rotary valve in the ceiling until you go to the other door. Open the door and enter the office with a desk, wardrobes and paintings on the wall. On the left, there is a table stand with a small chest. There is the lock on the trunk. You must enter the three-digit code. Go to the front of the chest wall, turn left, to the nearest corner and light three candles in the wall. In the pictures you will see three digits of the code - 5, 4, and 8. Enter the numbers on the lock and open the chest.

Inside you will find the ring. Look at it, read the inscription on the lid of the chest.


Go through the door between the busts of two men in front of the table. Go down the hallway and enter the room with a fireplace and two chairs. Go to a picture hanging on the wall opposite. You can see the doll boy on this picture. Once you look at it, then you fall down into the basement.

Go to the barrel with a candle, turn from it to the left and move forward to the wall. This wall must have a switch. Click on it to turn on the lights in the basement. Look at the picture behind. Then climb up the stairs and pull the lever on the wall. Go back to the room with a fireplace and two chairs.

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